Kush Chronicles: Woman Says She Feeds Her Pigs Medical Mean Green To Fatten Them Up From Getting The Munchies

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Piff-puffin’ piglets…they do exist

Woman Feeds Her Pigs Drugs To Fatten Them Up

A Washington state farm owner is trying out an unconventional method to fatten up her pigs in the wake of the state’s fast approaching legalization of medical mary jane.

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With Washington state about to embark on a first-of-its-kind legal market for recreational marijuana, the budding ranks of new cannabis growers face a quandary over what to do with the excess stems, roots and leaves from their plants.

Susannah Gross, who owns a five-acre farm north of Seattle, is part of a group experimenting with a solution that seems to make the most of marijuana’s appetite-enhancing properties – turning weed waste into pig food.

Four pigs whose feed was supplemented with potent plant leavings during the last four months of their lives ended up 20 to 30 pounds heavier than the half-dozen other pigs from the same litter when they were all sent to slaughter in March.

“They were eating more, as you can imagine,” Gross said.

Giving farm animals the munchies is the latest outcome of a ballot measure passed by Washington voters in November making their state one of the first to legalize the recreational use of pot.

Piff puffin’ pigs get the munchies……and then kush heads probably eat bacon when they get hungry. Ah, the circle of life.

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