Extortion Over Travolta Death in the Bahamas?!?!

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This is just messed up, y’all.  They’re saying a senator was trying to extort money from the Travoltas surrounding their son’s death:

A Bahamas senator accused of trying to extort money from actor John Travolta after his son’s death resigned on Saturday and vowed to prove her innocence.

Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater, an attorney from Grand Bahama, said she plans to fight “untrue and unfair charges” stemming from actions she took as a lawyer.

“How these innocent actions can be so misconstrued, so perversely twisted to mean something other than it was, is a mystery,” she said without providing more details.

Bridgewater could not be immediately reached for comment.

Travolta had filed a complaint of attempted extortion, according to police, but did not release any details of the alleged plot. The actor and his wife Kelly Preston have returned home to Florida with the ashes of their 16-year-old, chronically ill son, Jett, who died of a seizure this month at their family vacation home on Grand Bahama.

Authorities arrested Bridgewater Thursday on charges of abetment to extort and conspiracy to extort. She was released Friday on $40,000 bail.

The leader of Bridgewater’s opposition party, former Prime Minister Perry Christie, said in a statement that he regrets the turn of events and accepted Bridgewater’s resignation.

“I believe that this is the right and appropriate thing to do in these most unfortunate circumstances,” Christie said.

Police also had detained ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne and former tourism minister Obie Wilchcombe. Lightbourne is still in custody but Wilchcombe has since been released pending further investigation. The parliamentarian has described himself as a friend of Travolta who was with the actor shortly after his son died.

Tabloids earlier had quoted Lightbourne on his efforts to revive Travolta’s son.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames said that Lightbourne was wanted for attempted extortion. He has not been charged.

This is getting messy as ever and we sincerely hope this sister is telling the truth and wasn’t involved in this crap.  Whatever higher power you believe in surely doesn’t like ugly.

A pic of the accused woman below.


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  • nubn

    enough is enough!

    what is going on in this world?

    leave people alone already!

  • amelia

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  • MissBlaze44

    Honey, I’m sorry, but if it WASN’T true – then the bitch wouldn’t have a reason to resign.

    Let’s not forget how ANNA NICOLE SMITH was treated before AND after her death!

    I think these people in the Bahamas are HEARTLESS – at best. This is only the second time that I know of where a celebrity has passed on their soil and things just got completely out of control.

    You gotta ask – WHY IS THAT?!

  • always knew

    John Travolta is so cool! Always has been. This is so messed up to be blackmailed and extorted, while dealing with the death of your child? People are really crazy!! I sincerely hope that all he doesn’t think all blacks are ignorant like that….

    (yes, they( the idiots that tried it) were black..they were in jamaica…)

  • jena4rmthablock

    I gotta question, was John Travolta’s son Autisitic? He sure looks that way, after his death all the news stations were posting pics and video of the son.

    He never seemed connected with his surroundings and was always holding his parents hands. I have an autistic cousin and Im pretty sure I can see the signs.

    Thats probably what they were tryna extort him on. Cause the Travolta’s said the boy was affected by kawasaki disease, which dont cause seizures, autism does. And Travolta is a scientoligist too, they have other worldly beliefs, if Tom Cruise dont believe in post tramatic stress disorder, the Travolta’s probably didnt beleive in Autism and wanted to keep quiet about it. Just some theories I have not fact.

  • Oshie

    Shut up Hannibal.

    Sidenote: Stay away from the Bahamas.

    For carribean fun at half the price and 2X the hurricanes, visit Jamaica! Lawdamercy!

  • blackpride09

    Its sad for anyone to lose a loved one especially your son. These folks took pictures of his son dead and told the Travolta they would sell the pics unless they got $20 million. So I have no love for folks trying to get over like that.

  • Creole Baby isa Cash Money Stunna on his 14th Summa

    dirty j-makins

  • Playlist

    Politicians are looking like some greedy bastards as of late

  • Blago Baby


  • kissy

    i would rather go to the bahamas than ghetto jamaica all jamaicans are nasty and ignorant

  • kissy

    hannibal why is a grown woman like urself talkin shyt under ya kid screen name


    Typical Bahamian politico.They’re all corrupt down there.The place is still a major staging area for drug deliveries to the U.S..Does’nt surprise me that someone might try a shakedown this.


    *a shakedown like this*

  • kissy

    all countries are corrupt. i take it all the bahamas bashin are from person from other carribean islands. jealousy is a big bytch lol get over it ive been there many times it the best island to go

  • kissy

    we americans are the last persons to be in shock about anything god know the shyt that happens here

  • cac
  • beloved

    bahamas and jamaica are totally different countries,the bahamas is a very peaceful place,its a shook that something like this has happened

    btw there are white bahamians to

  • beloved

    @kissy whats shit happens there,do ttell


    Kissy, kiss my arse!!! dont hate on Jamaica! we are the main caribbean island, that has all the legends, Music genre and style. Dont hate what you dont have!!!


    Also dont put all jamaicans under the yardies you have been dealing with? every country has bad people, dont hate on something you obviously have no facts on!!!!! Now suck a Jerk dick and chew on it!!

  • kissy

    u comparing jamaican legends to american legends lmao to bad the french makes more money from ur music than your pplz always lettin the white man take shyt

  • kissy

    and stop considering the ppl in your country to be a yardie good grief

  • bahamachic

    LISTEN HERE! For those of you who don’t know crap about The Caribbean – SHUT UP! The Bahamas, like everywhere else in the world, has some questionable characters…but who are you MISSBLAZE44 to say that we don’t treat celebs properly! First of all they are people, just like everyone else…is it necessary that they always get star treatment? Many of them come to The Bahamas because they can be treated like normal people without all of the cameras in their face every second of every day. Second of all, get your facts straight..Anna Nicole died in AMERICA NOT the Bahamas. The drama surrounding that was that her mother wanted her to be buried in the states and her wish was to be buried with her son! do your homework before you put my country on blast! And for all of you hating on Jamaica, how ignorant do you all sound? Yes, Jamaica is known for its crime but there is MUCH MORE to the country than just that..if you have ever been there you would know. It is a country rich in its culture and the people there are very friendly and intelligent. Its a shame that you are only looking at a few bad apples and basing your assumption on that.

  • beloved

    @bahamachic PREACH!

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