Daaayyum: Meek Mill Puts His Thirsty Homeboy On Full Blast After He Asks Him For $5,000 On Twitter

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Need money? Don’t ask Meek!

Meek Mill Exposes Conversation With A Friend Begging Him For Money

Success and an abundant amount of money where there previously wasn’t any almost always causes problems between friends or family members. Whether the problem stems from the successful person leaving their close friends or family hanging when they get on, or downright thirsty folks who feel like something is owed to them, it’s an age old issue that probably won’t soon die.

Enter MMG rapper Meek Mill.

Meek, who says he came from humble beginnings and lived the  life of a Philly street hustler before getting his big break in the form of a record deal, was recently approached by his homeboy via Twitter who asked him for gwap to the tune of $5,000 to help him prepare for the arrival of his child in July. Not only did Meek appear to not oblige his friend, he also put him on blizzy blast by posting their entire conversation on Instagram:

He started with his friend’s request….

…and then posted his own response shortly after. SMH.

However, his homebody didn’t take too kindly to Meek airing him out on Instagram and clapped back with a few not-so-friendly words of his own. Hit the flip to hear what he had to say…

The friend claims that he held Meek down back before he got on and that Meek started “acting funny” when the checks started coming in…

Meek closed out the messy exchange with this final Instagram message:

It’s probably not unheard of for a celeb to respond like this to a fair-weather friend who only pops up when they need something, but was Meek wrong for publicizing their convo instead of just handling his friend privately and moving on? What do you think Bossip fam?

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