Lauren London Tells VIBE Vixen, “I’m Not A Lover, I’m A Fighter. I Will Forget I’m Hollywood And Get Holly-hood”

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The beautifulLauren London covers the latest issue of VIBE Vixen. Inside she talks about remaining tough despite the chatter about her child with Lil Wayne and maintaining a low profile by any means necessary.

Check out some excerpts below via VIBE Vixen:

On The Media And Rumor Mill:

“I’m still a human and things do hurt, but you can’t let people’s opinions define you because we’re all battling something,” she says of brushing up rumors, adding, “Me? Yeah, I’m definitely a fighter.”

“My life, my son’s life, my soul and who I am as a person means much more to me than the limelight,” she explains. “[Acting] is what I chose to do, not who I am.” No matter how much blogs try to peel back specifics, Lauren remains tight-lipped. “If they want to see more of me, go rent your movies or watch the show.”

Well dayum Lauren…

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You get a lot of bullisht, especially in the media. Have you always had that will to fight back in you?

I’m not going to front. I’m not a lover, I’m a fighter. I will forget that I am Hollywood and get Holly-hood [Laughs].

But a lot of gossip is just rumors since you’re so private.

I was always a private person. My business is my business. I have a small group of friends, and I just like the simple things out of life. My privacy is something that I value. I’m also socially awkward.

No way. Really?

Yeah. I get nervous in large crowds. I’m approachable though because I’m just like you. I just have a different job.

Über private megastars like Denzel Washington come to mind. You have to be able to master that kind of balance between real life and celebrity.

Yeah. When they see you, they see you. Sidney Poitier said, “Why would they come see you on Saturday when they saw you on Friday.” I’m going to take that advice and follow the footsteps of somebody like that. I love to act, I love doing films, and it’s that simple. I have more to prove to myself because I can definitely be better. I’m not stopping here. I’m still working on me and exercising my muscle called acting. I want to be great. I don’t really care for the other stuff. People get really shocked when I say that but that’s just who I am.

Sidney Poitier eh? Y’all think Lauren will reach that upper echelon of acting that Poitier did?

Hit the flip for her quotes about her family and pregnancy.

Any lessons learned from your mom, ones you’ll pass down to your son?

Being resilient. No matter what, never giving up on your dreams. It sounds cliché but it’s so real. She grew up struggling, but she was always very positive, no matter how bad things came. We kept a positive outlook because your perception is everything. It is your reality. That is something I want to pass down to my child. My mom was very into inner beauty. She would say all the time, “Being cute is cute, but who are you on the inside?”

You say you didn’t have too many wild moments. But is there a lesson you learned in your early 20s that you carry with you now?

Starting my career, there was a lot of rejection going on. I remember my dad telling me that if you let that define you, they’ll basically make you nothing. You have to define yourself. Every time you hear a no, it’s one step closer to a yes. Jobs come and go, so I don’t get too down on myself. You have to stay self-motivated. If you wait for someone else to motivate you, you’ll be waiting for a long time. You have to really be your own cheerleader. Even if you don’t feel all that way in the moment, tell yourself that you’re enough.

With you being a private person and all, when you got pregnant, what was going through your mind?

The public was the last thought. Most of my thoughts were on my family and inner circle. It was mostly how is this affecting Lauren as a person and is Lauren ready to completely put herself to the side and be a mother. My priorities were changing. My career was last.

Before ATL, people didn’t know about me. I auditioned for ATL and no one cared who I was. I was a regular girl in L.A. who auditioned and got the role. No one knew I was doing it and I did it. No one gave me that. I did that. They can’t take what they didn’t give. God has the last say, so I just trust that. Is it an uphill battle? Yes. But isn’t everything? I’m not starving.

Family – you were worried about how they would take it?

Well, you know, it’s another human being in the world. That affects everybody, and one thing I learned about life is that your choices don’t just affect you, it affects everybody connected to you.

Now these might be some of the most revealing quotes we’ve ever gotten out of her.

Lauren talks romance and her upcoming turn in “Baggage Claim” next.

VV: Speaking of family, the set of Baggage Claim must’ve been like a mini reunion.

LL: I did most of my scenes with Paula, Terrence and Jennifer Lewis, who is awesome. We had a good time.

“I’m engaged to Terrence J, which is awesome because he’s really like my brother in real life, so I love him.”

You’re getting married in the film. What are your thoughts on walking down the aisle?

I think it’s awesome when it’s done right. I don’t think anyone is supposed to be alone, you know. Having a partner and having somebody that is with you through the ups and downs is awesome. I’m all about connection. If I connected with someone and met a nice guy maybe, but I just haven’t ran into that yet.

“I’m not dating at all. I don’t know if I’ll have the time. But I’m very fiery and sassy, so I need someone to keep up with that.”

Sometimes the nice guy can be too nice.

The grown man is a good alternative.

When you mean grown – no games, established?

Grown, secure in himself and who he is, aware of what he wants and willing to learn and grow with somebody else. I think everybody is waiting for me to settle down and find him [Laughs]. I’m really selective and picky.

Give us a quick synopsis of your sexiest sex story?

I’d have to kill you if I tell you [Laughs]. I can’t have my son reading this isht 20 years down the line.

Do you applaud Lauren for being SO private or do you think she should give a little more of herself for her fans?

We’re just saying — the enigmatic mystique is definitely getting old.

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