Peverts: Teacher Given Three-Day Suspension For Inappropriately Touching A Female Student With A Banana During Class

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Teachers are suppose to be inspiring our kids not violating them with bananas.

Teacher Inappropriately Touched Student With Banana

According to The NY Daily News

A Florida high school teacher was suspended for inappropriately touching a female student with a banana during class.

Jonathan Hampton was banned from North Marion High School for three days after allegedly rubbing the girl’s head and neck with the fruit during a lesson on Freudian symbolism.

The lecture focused on “cylinder objects, phalluses and/or sex symbols.”

The girl said she was left humiliated by the incident, which happened three months ago, but was only reported earlier in May.

Hampton, an English teacher from Citra who teaches college-level courses as part of the school’s magnet program, denied any wrongdoing.

Mark Fiedelholtz, his attorney stepfather, told Local 6 that there was no evidence of sexual connotation or physical harm.

“According to my son, which has not been reported, he doesn’t recall ever touching the student with a banana, but if he did it would be to get their attention,” said Fiedelholtz.

The school district has also backed his lesson on Freudian psychology, which it says was not inappropriate and followed the curriculum.

But in a letter sent to the teacher, who has now returned to work following his three-day suspension from May 13, it warned him that his topics may “often cross the line.”

Fawk blocking his lesson on Freudian psychology, fire him.


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