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No time for a little due diligence eh Wolfie?

Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist Tornado Survivor If She Thanked God For Saving Her

Guess all the “Pray For Oklahoma” tweets and Instagram pics don’t apply to this lady…

Via DailyMail

Times of stress and hardship often turn non-religious people into believers.

But one Moore, Oklahoma resident refused to thank to Lord for surviving the gigantic tornado that pulverized her suburb on Monday, making for an extremely awkward TV interview.

In a clip going viral on the internet, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer stands in front of mountains of debris and says to survivor Rebecca Vitsmun: ‘We’re happy you’re here. You guys did a great job. I guess you got to thank the Lord. Right?’

Welp, not exactly…peep the video below to see the terribly awkward exchange.

Damn lady, you and your family just survived a storm that killed a lot of folks. You need to thank SOMEBODY! Sheesh…

Image via YouTube


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