Chit-Chatter: LHHATL Hubby Kirk Finally Responds To Divorce Rumors, Down Low Allegations, And Reveals The Most Challenging Part About Managing Rasheeda

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Kirk Responds To Divorce Rumors And Allegations That He’s Gay

LHHATL loud mouth K. Michelle opened a can of worms when she accused fellow cast member Rasheeda’s husband Kirk of being on the down low, and the rumor mill has since spiraled out of control with all types of talk with regard to the couple, who are expecting a child within the next few months.

While K. Michelle has since (kind of) apologized for her shady statements and Rasheeda took to her Twitter to clear up one of the recent (ridiculous) rumors, Kirk has been fairly silent until now.

Hip Hop Daily Press recently caught up with the Love & Hip Hop hubby where he opened up about the divorce rumors, gay rumors, managing Rasheeda, and more. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

via Hip Hop Daily Press

On whether or not he would do another season of LHHATL:
“I would do it. There is some type of enjoyment that you get out of the work as well. I’m not looking to not do Love & Hip Hop. There is so much going on in the second season, I can’t even think where [we would] go from here.”

The most challenging part of him being in a relationship with Rasheeda while managing her:
“That’s [the business] the most challenging part about the relationship, other than the relationship itself. Rasheeda is my friend, we’re always gonna be friends and that’s the good part about it.

We are argue back and forth like brothers and sisters in a way because of the artist thing. She has things she thinks she should do as an artist and I have things I think she should do as an artist. With her being a wife, she can do things that an artist can’t do, which again I try to tell her if she were another artist it wouldn’t work this way.”

On rumors that Rasheeda is pregnant by Scrappy:
“No. Rasheeda is not pregnant by Scrappy. People hear me say one thing and then run with the rumors.”

Sounds like what we see of Kirk having his hands full with being a manager and a husband at the same time might be taking more heavy of a toll on he and Rasheeda’s marriage than they can handle.

Hit the flip to hear Kirk’s response to the divorce rumors and allegations that he’s batting for the other team.

On allegations that he is on the down low:
“I am straight as I can be. I don’t like guys, never wanna like guys, never been gay, never will be gay.”

On the divorce rumors:
“Have things gotten rough for us? Yes. You guys are gonna see a lot of it on the show. A lot of the stuff honestly we put it on broadway. You are gonna get a lot deeper into Kirk and Rasheeda. Me and Rasheeda are definitely friends for sure. Rasheeda is really emotional right now, she really is pregnant.”

Obviously, none of the cast can completely divulge the status of their situations at present since they can’t “give away” their story line but, it does seem suspect that neither Kirk or Rasheeda have come out to flat out shut the divorce rumors down at least.

Based on Kirk’s evasive response, do you think they are headed for splitsville?

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