Did Ciara Buy a New Rack????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ciara showed up a the Word Music Awards tonight in Monte Carlo with what looks to be a new rack. This doesn’t look like just push-up game.

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  • Marsha

    of course she did

  • Marsha

    she had nothing to push up

  • http://myspace.com/datdeal305 datdeal

    Damn Ciara is trying to give that whole “Real girl” thing a shot! lol. yea she got rack now. but idk if you can call wat she had before, a rack. more like melted bubble gum.

  • Trinitalian

    Ciara definately got a new rack & Rihanna keeps bleaching her skin. At the rate she is going she’s gonna look like Michael Jackson in a minute. I remember a point in time when she was Ciara’s complexion. Chick is 2 shades off from having no melan in her skin.

  • SMH

    No.. She just happens to be wearing a LOW CUT DRESS!!!!!!

  • SMH


  • *~*Ms. Tipdrill*~*

    ciara looks cute with her new boobs and rihanna looks like a clown

  • Diva

    Ciara got a new rack and she needs to get her money back. It looks like Nerf balls inserted in her chest.

  • Miss Dee (Not faded...)

    I don’t think she had work done. Probably just a really good “push-em up” bra. Rhi’s makeup is wrong in the pics. Too pasty. And Patti-Patti… WTF??? Just cuz you’re past 60 doesn’t mean you have to start making dresses out of table clothes!! NOT FEELING THAT AT ALL!!! And shame on you cuz you KNOW BETTAH!!!! SMH @ that dress!! YUCK!!!

  • div

    ooooohhh…patti! patti!

    that’s a scary ass sight.

  • CHiCitY

    I hope so…she needs it, poor girl has nothing up there! And Rhianna looks fab…BARBADOS STAND UP, BAPP! BAPP!

  • Cynthai

    I agree with ChiCity. Her chest was was really flat. So if she did…I’m not mad at her. Then again, maybe she is taking birth control pills.

  • marshmallow dreams

    next to rihanna? ciara looks decent. she’s a beautiful chik tho

  • Cynthai


    Ciara looks great!

  • Alana

    I’m sure Rhiana told Ciara about her surgeon, they both look nice.

  • Amani

    No just the work of a good bra and celebrity secrets.

  • Ms 305

    Bump Ciara! WTF is going on with Ms. Patty she looks like a straight up drag queen. Patty needs to beat the hell out of the doctor that did that to her face.

  • John

    I like Rihs’ Boobs!!

  • nahnah

    Both Rihanna anad Ciara got boob jobs.

    A push-up bra can only push up something you have. And since Ciara never had any, it can’t be a push up bra.

    Similarily, Rihanna always had saggy breasts until she paid to make it bigger and more perky.

  • True Tarheel

    Looks like Ciara had something done, maybe Rhi Rhi gave her a surgeon’s recommendation b/c a year ago neither of them had anything to push up.

    The miracle bra needs something to work with to create the miracle. Looks like Ciara didnt have much to push up.

    That before pic of her looks pretty flat, and she isnt even laying down!

  • True Tarheel

    oh and…LMAO at the post^^ where someone said Patti is looking like Ving Rhames. Heehee I hate when that damn movie of his comes on BET.

  • Dee

    Umm she didn’t have anything to push up…

    I can see why she would want to though, so I don’t care

  • AmandaB

    ROFL @ ‘Mary J Blige’!!!!!!! Dang Mary, you get even your chicken fillets at the Swap Meet????? LOL

  • SHOW

    well she had to have a boob job. either way 50 was gonna have to squeez big boobs, if it wasnt hers it would be some groupie behind her back. smart girl


  • me

    next to ciara rihanna looks like a transvestite *sp)

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