Ho Sit Down: Fox Host Michelle Malkin Blames The British For Machete Terrorist Attack, Says They “Brought It On Themselves” By Not Deporting Muslims

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Michelle needs someone to gut check that a**.

Fox Hosts Blames British For Terrorist Attack

According to Raw Story

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin on Wednesday asserted that the British people “brought it on themselves” after an apparent terrorist used a meat cleaver to hack a soldier to death in London.

Following Wednesday’s horrific slaying, Fox News host Sean Hannity speculated that President Barack Obama would have refused to call the incident a “terrorist attack.”

“What do you need to have? Neon lights that say, ‘Islamic jihad,’ ‘Islamic jihad?’ I mean, duh,” Malkin agreed. “They were screaming at the top of their lungs, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and repeatedly swore in the name of Allah that they would continue to fight against us.”

“And in large part, unfortunately, in British culture, among the progressives there, they brought it on themselves in some ways because of lax deportation policies, and an unwillingness to screen out and profile Islamic militants who are now doing this in a homegrown manner on British soil,” she added. “It’s tragic.”

Hannity, however, suggested that greater access to guns could have prevented the attack.

“And also it does bring into question gun laws,” the Fox News host opined. “If the soldier had been able to protect himself and defend himself, which people all over the media in this country bragging about the fact, well, people don’t have guns in England.”

“Well, do you know who did have a gun? One of the assailants had a pistol!” Malkin exclaimed. “And everyone else was unarmed! Completely!”

Prior to being shot by police, the terrorist suspects also expressed the sentiment that the British people were to blame for the attacks.

“The only reasons we killed this man … is because Muslims are dying daily,” one attacker was caught on video saying. “This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth.”

Not all Muslims are terrorists boo.

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