Angry Bird Beef: Toya Giving Her Bestie Tiny The Cold Shoulder Over Her Failed Reality Show?

- By Bossip Staff


What’s beef?

Tiny and Toya Fall Out Over Reality Show

According to Sandra Rose

Sources say Toya and Tameka’s relationship has cooled considerably due to Toya’s difficulties getting her show picked up by a network.

What does Tameka have to do with Toya’s reality show troubles, you ask? Well, sources whisper that Toya believes Tameka has some pull at BET — and she wonders why Tameka doesn’t use that pull to get her show picked up.

Mickey is also struggling to get his independent record label off the ground. None of his artists have been signed by a major record label, which only adds to the couple’s woes, because Toya is basically supporting the entire family on her tidy income as a female entrepreneur and as a professional baby mama to rapper Lil Wayne.

MempHitz seems like a professional choke artist. Didn’t he have a reality show pilot about ratchet mistresses that failed to launch?

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