Brutality: High School Security Guard Caught On Tape Punching Female Student In The Face After Pushing Her Down A Flight Of Stairs

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Security Guard Suspended After Punching Female Student In The Face

A Chicago Dunbar Vocational school employee is now headed to the unemployment line and possibly worse after a school surveillance camera caught him pushing a female student down a flight of stairs, cursing her out, and then punching her in the face when she tried to get up.

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Chicago Public Schools officials removed from duty an employee who was captured on video throwing a female student down the stairs at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, and punching her in the face.

A cell phone video of the incident shows a man who serves in an undefined safety role at the school pushing the student down the stairs.

The girl is seen lying on the floor when she is approached by a woman who appears to be a teacher or administrator at the South Side school. The girl then gets up and moves toward the guard, who appears to punch the girl in the face.

In addition to the footage of the former employee’s actions, Dunbar students who witnessed the incident were able to provide a little more insight as to why the altercation between the student and the security guard had even began in the first place.

Hit the flip to hear the students’ side of the story and watch the video for yourself…

While they declined to be interviewed on camera, students who were present when they altercation began were able to provide some background on the incident:

Students who declined to be interviewed on camera said they believed the safety official was trying to intervene in a fight between two students, one of whom is the girl in the video.

Witnesses said the girl began hitting the guard about the head and chest as he tried to separate her from an altercation.

CPS does not condone the behavior.

You can check out the video of the incident below:

Regardless of what the students’ actions were against the employee, hired security guards are placed in high schools to protect the students. As professionals, they are expected to maintain self-control and restrain unruly students rather than physically assault them.


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