So Sad: Sisters Grieving Death Of Mom Get Kicked Out Of Mall By Cops For Wearing Anti-Cancer Shirts And Hats

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Fawk cancer!!

Sisters Kicked Out Mall For Anti-Cancer Apparel

Sisters Takia and Tasha Clark were kicked out from a King of Prussia, Pa., mall after reportedly refusing to remove their hats, which read “F**K CANCER,” with the letter ‘C’ replaced by the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon symbol. The young women rocked the hats in support of their mother, Jackie Underwood who lost her battle with the disease.

Via NewsOne reports:

As the sisters were shopping at the mall, along with another sister, Makia Underwood (pictured left); friends; and relatives for a funeral dress for Zakia’s 9-year-old daughter, they were approached by a security guard.

The security guard ordered the women to remove their hats. Zakia, 29, obliged the guard but her stubborn sister told the officer she needed to see proof in writing as to why she could not sport her hat. Zakia, who says she became suddenly fueled by her sister’s strong spirit which was so reminiscent of their mom, decided to put her hat back on.

The security guard, who allegedly appeared combative toward the women, said, according to Zakia, “‘Since you don’t want to take your hat off, you can leave my mall.’ He stood there while we ate, and [he] threatened to call the cops.”

Zakia then went on to tell that seven security guards descended upon them as they ate their meals. “I was very embarrassed,” she said. “My daughter was so scared; she was crying.”

According to the sisters, they were all escorted to the mall’s administrative office, where they were met by police who had been summoned by the security guards. Sister Makia also joined the women in the office soon after. According to Zakia, “The [police] officer said, ‘I find it offensive that you even have that hat that says ‘F— CANCER.’ It’s their mall, they want you out, you have to get out.’”

The women were escorted out to their vehicles to ensure that they would leave the property.

We’ve all seen much worst written or embroidered on shirts and caps plenty of times in our life. Normally, you’d think security or whoever gave them the boot would have told them to turn the material inside out but not rather just kick them out like that. SMH!!!

The women have planned a rally today at 7 p.m. at the mall’s entrance near Nordstrom. The event was originally supposed go be a protest for the women were treated but has now turned into an awareness rally against the dreaded disease.

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