Jay-Z’s New Love Affair

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Jay-Z can add art to his list of things he loves in addition to Beyonce’s jelly:

Jay-Z and Beyonce are Crazy In Love – with modern art.

The hip-hop mogul and his missus have splashed out on a string of priceless pieces and he now considers himself quite the critic.

So much so that Jay is even considering opening his own high-end gallery close to his Manhattan home.

He said: “Bey is really into art and now I am too. I’m building a collection but at the moment I am just buying things I like and seeing where it takes me.

“I have a lot of pieces from Damien Hirst and Richard Price – they are incredible artists.

“Damien Hirst’s Beat Life, Cheat Death piece was actually inspired by one of my songs, so that was cool.

“When I finally hang up the microphone I could even exhibit my own collection.”

Will it be ‘pop’ art? Sorry.

Damn, Jigga Man, you sure are growing up to be a very fine sir.  Art galleries and carrying on?  Nice.


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  • flawda

    Smart investment, art doesn’t depreciate in value. Pretty good for a guy without a college degree huh (sarcasm).

  • OooLaLa

    That’s very ncie.. It’s the year of the Gentleman, indeed.

  • BMW

    Collecting art is a great investment! get the right artist and watch the value grow!

  • Candid Canuck

    for all you youngins buying into the image: Don’t let money change you like it changed Shawn Carter

  • hatebossip

    art doesn’t depreciate in value? hell yes it can and does. Artist like Hirst exploits the art world and stupid money by making ridiculous pieces that will infact will mean nothing in the upcoming economic depression.

    Right this moment the auction houses are luring stupid “new money” into buying art when the real money (Billionaires and Old Money) ain’t touching the shit because they know what’s going down.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Good for him. I don’t know if he or B really appreciate art or just like to get expensive things, but I like to see the growth in him. To think 10 years ago he was a knife toting rough neck. Not bad Jay. Not bad.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Candid Canuck

    for all you youngins buying into the image: Don’t let money change you like it changed Shawn Carter

    Unless it changes you for the better. Ain’t no use of staying in a jacked up state of mind for the sole purpose of keeping it real. Growth is a good thing.


    @hatebossip: angry much?

  • BE

    Art is a better investment than a new car or clothes. Even if it depreciates you can always admire and enjoy the artwork and pass it down to your children.

    Shawn Carter is growing up it happens to all of us, especially to men after they get married.

  • Aunt Viv

    Co-sign Be,
    Unless the artwork is a knock-off, an original piece will never depreciate as much as a car. I think this is a sound decision on his part.

  • Raquel26

    I agree with BE. Definitely bettet than seeing an ice-out RocaFella chain.

    Well, Bey did say she would upgrade him. LOL

    “Hermes briefcase, silk-lined blazers”,…NOW, ART!

  • um...


  • um...


  • Black Bill Cosby

    maybe his fans in the hood will aspire to do the same thing!

  • And...

    Ummm he bought it because it was inspired by one of his songs…

    Just like when they were pictured at a museum gawking at a painting…on the flip side it was a photo of Bey.

    What ev. Guess he’ll be buying Warhol or more Basquiat next.

    Bey? Upgrade him?

    Lol, the blind leading the blind.

    Buying high end items isn’t a sign of maturity or class.

    It’s a sign that you bought a high end item. A trendy one at that.

    Buys art and now he wants to open a gallery? STFD.

    If he opens a gallery I’ll be the damned docier…

  • http://bossip haven house

    go to HipHopdx and look at the Dehaven interview about Jay-Z Am I My Brother’s Keeper

  • j

    thats a good look for hip hop


    Upgrade em Bey

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Damn If that picture isn’t fly as ****

  • Boss Lady (hard at work, and goin hard at the haters!!!)

    I guess it’s a sound investment and I’m happy he’s not buying iced out chains and a million cars. He didn’t say these were the only artists he were buying just named a few. I think it’s completely up to him and his wife what they want to invest in. He’s making sound investment decisions anyway so what’s a few pieces of pop art to him when he’s worth over $100 milli? When yall get that long dough, buy whatever kind of art you want to and stop sweating this man. Damn in your eyes, he can’t do nothing right!!!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    To all the idiots in here saying “jay is stupid” for investing in fine art, youre the stupid ones. name one thing that jay-z’s ever done thats failed.

    All his albums have gone platinum.
    Rocawear is a cash cow eventhough i dont wear it anymore.
    Part owner of the Nets.
    $150 million record deal.
    Worth about $300 million.
    Sold 40/40 for $44 million.
    Married one of the finest, richest most talented b*tches on earth.
    He and Beyonce made $185 million last year.

    What was he supposed to do with his money, go down south and invest in a chain of “Churches Chickens”?


    Damien Hirst art is amazing. If Jay got art than he is growing as a man! Whats wrong with being civilized.

    What was he supposed to do with his money, go down south and invest in a chain of “Churches Chickens”?


  • cac

    Do your thing Jigga


  • ChydePark

    @ Its6am

    LMAO!!! Well said..

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