Where, Oh, Where Are My Cakes???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Your girl, Rihanna, was in Monterey looking high and low for her cakes.  They’re not there, Rihanna.  In fact, they aren’t anywhere judging from the first pic below.  Poor thang.

A couple up under the hood…

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  • http://www.gravatar.com Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    Hey, at least she’s still pretty.

    Some people try hard to draw attention to their derriere’s cause their face isn’t so…

  • http://bossip Shaunie27


  • http://bossip Shaunie27


  • um...


  • Aunt Viv

    LOL @ y’all comments. Oh Ri-Ri 😦

  • BMW

    Her figure is bomb! so her cakes aint really there, but she can waer almost anything and that’s all that really matters. she knows she aint got a ass, but she makes it uo by being able to look hot in almsot anything. She’s at a good weight!


    Dang…can she be a slim goodie? Why must they all be ‘thick to death’ aka ‘fat as hell’

  • Nubian_Beauty

    She is still a very pretty girl and NATURAL. Just because she doesn’t have butt pads and laced front wigs like Beyonce doesn’t make her any less attractive. Besides, she managed to pull one of the hottest R&B singers out today so who cares about her buttocks?! Stop hatin’ bossip because I am willing to bet those two pint sized models you have wearing your “gear” aren’t all bootylicious either!

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Bossip, y’all funny for that!

  • http://Bossip Its True

    Everybody can’t have everything. She’s pretty – not to mention the fact that she’s only about 2 years old, right? Leave this little girl alone…Bossip, you stupid….



    She has worn a butt pads before….in the one green dress….very suspect. I just dont understand the determination for perfection…get outta here…

  • CW

    Yeah she is shaped like a little girl.. She aint got no figure like B. B is thick wit it, and wears her clothes better. Beyonce is prettier than Rhianna straight up, plus she got more money.

    Tell Rhianna old flat- no singing ass to go sit down somewhere Bossip..

    Did she even show up to sing at the Inagural Ball.. Or was she too embarrassed to broadcast that raggedy voice of hers. Call it what you want, she is SUX ASS majorly..

  • Rhianna Sit Down

    Dear Rhianna,

    I like you sometimes but please go learn how to sing and stop using sex to sell. That will eventually get old. Learn how to sing so you dont get upstaged by miss Beyonce Knowles at the inauguration. Honey you were no where to be found. Almost like you were insignificant. That was disappointing considering that I am a fan of yours.

    On Bossip and some of these blogs, I just realized that people take your side because you really are the underdog. Everyone on this blog knows you have no ass, but they are steady making excuses as to why you have no ass. If this was someone else, they would be getting roasted. But since you are the underdog and poeple naturally root for the underdog, they take ur side..

    So sad

  • Kevin

    jealous women are funny.

    most of you would die to have a body like princess rihianna

  • Colonel StinkMeaner

    Oh where oh where is my Re??

  • bored

    Everyone always agrees on one thing; once she puts her makeup on she’s cute.

    But on the talent part she still sucks, she got a bad review here, bad review also in Washington.

    I love how people disregard talent due to a look. Go watch the videos of J-Hud, Fanny and LeToya from the Patti tribute and also watch Beyonce sing for the President! now that’s talent, but or no but..

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Maybe you shouldn’t focus so much on her cakes, and just her beauty. Lol black men. smh.

  • Colonel StinkMeaner

    Look man………Kim Kardash is WACK!!

  • http://bossip Akeys

    Rhianna is cool with me

  • ms meca

    i still love ri ri and i lik the song “bad girl””

    everybody aint gotta be thick bossip!!!!

    i aint thick and my mans love it!!!

    and im sure chris breezy is lovin that!!! she beautiful



  • renebug

    rhi is my girl. she makes good music. stop comparing her. she must be fly cause u hate so much. she aint thinking bout none of yall. she HAPPY in love, makes good money, and is living her dream….um…are you?

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    Some men and women love a woman who is built like her. Why does every woman’s ass have to be draggin’ in the sand?

  • reese615

    LOL @ all the chicks in here crying about happiness and other silly things fat girls talk about. Man, we want cakes and shit!

    Rihanna: “Here, cakes, cakes, cakes…” LMAO

  • MH

    Wow…Bossip yall need to stop…I don’t like rih-rih that much but she is workin’ what she has…Every black girl does NOT look like Kim Kardashian.

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