Woman Found In Lawyer's House

Jesus Take The Wheel: 26-Year-Old Woman Found Naked, Face Down In Bathtub Of Super Lawyer’s Home

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This young woman had her whole life ahead of her. So sad.

Woman Found In Lawyer’s House

According to Mail Online

The body of a 26-year-old woman was found on Saturday morning naked and face down in a bathtub full of water in the home of a high-profile Philadelphia ‘super lawyer.’

The identity of the woman is yet to be released, but police sources tell Philly.com that she is Julia Law, an employee of A Charles Peruto Jr., the attorney who owns the home where the body was found. Sources told the paper Peruto and Law were dating.,

Philadelphia’s Fox affiliate reports that authorities do not currently consider the death to be suspicious, although, the cause of death currently is unknown.

The woman’s body was discovered about 10:30 a.m. by a maintenance worker who stopped by the home, located in Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood.

Peruto told police he was at the Jersey Shore, in Avalon, when the body was found. It’s unclear when – or if – he’s physically met with police.

According to his website, Peruto has been dubbed a ‘super lawyer’ – an honor for Philadelphia’s top attorneys – by his peers nine years in a row, and has achieved ‘Not Guilty verdict in over 200 jury trials and 2,500 non-jury trials.’

‘He has been hired by other attorneys for the sole purpose of cross examining one or two witnesses in their cases,’ the website boasts.

It goes on to say that ‘as can be seen on this website under “Past Cases”, he has been called a “ferocious cross examiner”, “gives a supreme closing argument to a Jury”, and “very entertaining on an otherwise boring case.'”

In 2012, Peruto ‘successfully’ represented Philadelphia weatherman John Bolaris in a situation the media dubbed ‘ the real life Hangover.’

Bolaris claimed he was drugged and scammed out of $43,712 by Russian ‘bar girls’ in Miami. He subsequently lost his job with Philadelphia’s Fox affiliate.

Police continue to investigate the circumstances of the death.

This is so reminiscent of the Phil Spector case. What do you think?




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