Angry Bird Beef: Momma Dee Calls Erica Dixon A Deadbeat Mother Who Parties Too Much “My Granddaughter Is Being Raised By A Nanny!”

- By Bossip Staff

Momma Dee calls Erica an ain’t isht mom!

Momma Dee Says Erica Dixon Is A Bad Mother

Momma Dee really can’t stand her son’s baby mama. The Lion Queen went in on Erica Dixon‘s parenting skills and claimed she does nothing but party instead of raise their daughter….

Here’s what Momma Dee told HSK:

“My granddaughter is being raised by a nanny, because the child’s mother is out partying every night. Fallen animals need to stay in the barn.”

Here’s what Erica told MouthToEars about Momma Dee:

“Momma Dee is going to continue to be Momma Dee at the ending of the day. We have never really gotten along, I just feel like now she’s really taking things to the extreme. So, it definitely bothers me — because my thing long term is my child. I may say lil slick stuff here and there… ‘yeah she’s a b**ch’, ‘yeah she needs to take her medicine’, this that and the other, but I don’t blatantly try to disrespect you, bash you or damage your character or image. I don’t have to cuz you do that on your own.

But, one day, my daughter’s gonna see all of this and it’s gonna be like how can you…she’s gonna definitely question her, they’re definitely gonna have a conversation about it. So, at the ending of the day it’s like something you’re gonna have to deal with in the future. So, if my child doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, I’m not going to make her….period.

She’s eight now, and she tells her sometimes, ‘grandma you’re being too extra, I can’t deal with this, mom I’m ready to go’ — and she’s eight!”

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