Put On Blast: Erica Dixon Says Scrappy Only Proposed To Her On TV As A Publicity Stunt To Save His Struggle Rap Career!

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Erica is fed up!

The Love & Hip Hop drama is really heating up! Rapper Scrappy recently said he now regrets proposing to Erica and making her famous. Now Erica seems to think the proposal was just a bad publicity stunt he pulled to create a buzz and make fans happy.

Erica Dixon Calls Scrappy’s Marriage Proposal A Publicity Stunt

Erica spoke to Mouth To Ears and said:

“We’re co-parenting. I definitely called off the engagement. Clearly Scrappy wasn’t ready. I feel like the whole proposal at the end of the day was to save his image. It was all about how he looked to the people. So that’s why I believe he proposed at the end at the reunion because he was getting so much hate from fans and I think it was just too much for him to deal with.

“I feel like as time progressed, the truth came out about what his true iterations really were.”

Erica also talked about that infamous dinner where she went HAM on Momma Dee. According to Erica, certain scenes were deleted…

“The reason for my snap…what they did cut out was the fact that she called me a b*tch again and that’s what made me snap. Like blatantly in my face and they cut it out.”

Hit the flip to see Scrappy’s response to Erica’s shots fired next…

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