Lawsuit Against Lil’ John Dropped

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Lucky for Lil’ John, a judge tossed out a lawsuit against him that could have cost him some stacks:

In May of 2002, Wilchcombe met Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz at the Audio Vision recording studio, while the rappers were working on their album Kingz of Crunk.

According to the lawsuit, Lil Jon came up with the idea for the song “Weedman,” after someone in the studio suggest they call a dealer for a supply of marijuana.

Wilchcombe, who was in the recording studio, claims he came up with a hook for the record, which was to be used in an interlude or segue between the different sides of Kingz of Crunk.

Lil Jon critiqued the work and also gave input on the track, which Wilchcombe claims he authored in full and performed live for Lil Jon, who approved the words.

Lil’ Jon then allegedly mixed the track, added some vocals and released the song on the 21-track album Kingz of Crunk, which eventually sold over 2 million copies.

Wilchcombe, who filed his copyright for the work almost two years after the album was released, had no written agreement in regards to the song.

In his lawsuit, he acknowledged being a part of the creative process and granted Lil’ Jon oral permission to use the recording.

“The district court correctly found that the parties’ conduct created an implied license,“ ruled Honorable Chief Judge Robert L. Hinkle. “Wilchcombe does not dispute that he created the song for the album at Lil Jon’s request and that he instructed Taylor to send it to Lil Jon for final mixing and inclusion on the album. Wilchcombe testified in his deposition that he understood Lil Jon would use the song on the album. In addition, Wilchcombe does not dispute that when he handed over the song, he never discussed with Taylor or any of the Appellees that using the song would constitute copyright infringement.”

Because there was written contract in regards to the song to support Wilchcombe’s allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty for not being compensated, the district court dismissed his appeal.

“The district court properly rejected these arguments for this reason, and we likewise refuse to give Wilchcombe a ‘second bite at the apple.’”

To hell and beyond with Lil’ John’s bottom row of teeth in that pic.  As for this case, that Wilchcombe fella needs to sit his ho ass down somewhere.  SMH

Yummy…more Lil’ John below.


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  • Texas


  • Texas

    Now he can use that money saved to fix his teeth!



  • Raquel29


    I was JSUT gonna say that! lol

    And to add..why spend money on all that “grill” shit and haev your bottom teeth yellow as hell???

  • Raquel29


    I’m dsylexic today. 🙂

  • Raquel29



  • #10 on the Chinese menu w/no MSG

    Forget about being sued. Lil John could definitely use some Crest Whitestrips on the bottom of that extra buttery grill of his.

  • Roe ski Love -GO STEELERS

    Wilchcombe dude must have a little bit of talent to be in the studio with heavyweights. His problem is, that he dosn’t know how to get paid. As soon as he came up with the beat and they (lil John) liked it, he should have done at least a verbal contract, if not paper contract right there on the spot. The music industry has done this same thing a million times over to new and upcoming artist and writers.


    Did he change his name? I coulda swore it was Lil Jon.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    My case against Lil Jon is next;

    Im suing for “assault on my ears” for some of the worse sh*t ever recorded.

    Attempted robbery of an artform.

    “Murder” of the english language.

    And “statutory rape” of a childs education (this n*gga had deep south ignorant children chanting his sh*t)

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Oh yeah, and Impersonating a producer, this n*gga sold ya’ll deep south mofo’s the same wack beat over and over again! And he’s doing it again with that new wack sh*t they play on the radio.

  • http://yahoo Sexxyog49


  • Jewish Baby

    the jews saved a rapper’s ass once again

  • Oh Shit

    That is one ugly ass nigga!

  • Papa Pablo

    Why does dude need to ‘sit his ho ass down’?! He gave Jon a song and didn’t get paid! I’d have sued his ass too.

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