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Pro athletes are the most celebrated celebs in the world with insane amounts of blowable cash and shameless groupies. An NBA baller’s wife CHEAT and fawk up her lavish lifestyle? Seems implausible, but it happens, and we’ve compiled a list of the high-profile victims.

Here are eight NBA stars who were cheated on. Take a look.

Tim Duncan-New York-WENN

Tim Duncan

Famously-boring and corny with a red squiggly hairline, it’s no shocker that his dirty swirly wife cheated during their 12-year marriage.

Photo credit: Twitter

Dwyane Wade-Los Angeles-WENN

Dwyane Wade

The “fierce” fashionisto/NBA superstar married a psychotic colored contact-wearing wacko (Siovaughn Funches) who had mental breakdowns, violent tantrums and eventually cheated during their wildly-dysfunctional marriage.

Kobe Bryant-Los Angeles-WENN

Kobe Bryant

Rumors have swirled about professional basketball wife Vanessa Bryant cheating on Kobe with fame-thirsty filthball AP.9. Plenty of folks believe he DID tell the truth about lowdown dirty Coco which makes his claims of smashing reformed video ho Vanessa Bryant believable.

Shaquille O’Neal-New York City-WENN

Shaquille O’Neal

The mush-moufed NBA legend admitted to “respectfully” cheating on ex-wife/basketball wife whisperer Shaunie but cited HER (alleged) filthy cheating exploits as one of the main reasons for their divorce.

Steve Nash-Los Angeles-WENN

Steve Nash

The 2-time NBA MVP-turned-brokedown scrub divorced his slimy ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla days after she gave birth to a child that (reportedly) was too swirly to be his. The first alleged father was former Suns teammate Leandro Barbosa and later Jason Richardson—a key Suns player who was “mysteriously” traded to the Magic mid-season.

Antoine Walker-New York-WENN

Antoine Walker

Ex-basketball/football wife Evelyn Lozada almost married the disgraced NBA star for love money before he blew all $110 million of it. Both cheated on each other but stories of Evelyn’s alleged teammate-hopping were far more scandalous.

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Tony Parker-Monaco-WENN

Tony Parker

Eva Longoria taught the cornball Frenchman how to make love and he scurried off with other women (including his own teammates’ wife) before their divorce. At the time, she was a victim until rumors of her creeping with Grade A dirtbag Lance Armstrong slithered into the media.

Pau Gasol-Spain-WENN

Pau Gasol

The dopey Lakers star seemed distracted and played like trash for weeks probably because he knew his teammate (Shannon Brown) was chopping down his boo Silvia Lopez. Of course Pau dismissed this theory until Shannon denied (but low-key confirmed) everything via tweet.


Note: This is the SAME Shannon Brown (Monica’s husband) who was caught slippin on Instagram.



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