Michael Vick’s Zany Answers and PETA’s Madcap Questions

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Posted by Bossip Staff

According to Livesteez, PETA just released the ” Empathy” test they gave our boy, Michael Vick:

As previously reported by Livesteez, an animal treatment watchdog group is demanding that imprisoned NFL star Michael Vick be checked to see if he is a psychopath before having any chance of returning to the NFL. Just released by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are the handwritten answers given by the jailed quarterback to a “Developing Empathy” test he took just after pleading guilty to dogfighting charges in 2007. According to TMZ.com, Vick scored a 73.5 out of 100 on the test, and gave some rather interesting answers to the questions designed to assess his remorse over financing a dogfighting ring. Among the test highlights: � Vick explains “The Golden Rule” as doing” on to others as u want them to do on to u …. (as long the feeling is mutual).” � “People who abuse animals dont [sic] have a heart and find it amusing to see animals suffer.” � “Chickens have an uncanny ability to think and are very agile. They are very athletic to me.” � “My aunt Tina own a Rotti name Tico. Once my aunt and her boyfriend Wayne was having an intense fight … [Tico] jump through a glass window & pinned my aunt boyfriend Wayne to the ground just growling … Now that’s loyalty.”

Well, a “C” is a passing grade. Besides, having to say chickens are intelligent should be enough empathy and humiliation to satisfy any tree-hugger, but, oh no, not PETA. SMH


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  • Colonel StinkMeaner


  • PhillyYoungGrownWoman

    kill an innocent man….whatevr

    wear a fur coat: all out war

  • PhillyYoungGrownWoman

    if osama bin laden wore a fur coat during one of his cave movies…peta would find him , & douse him with all-purpose flour

  • carolinagirl1217

    Where was PETA when Sara Palin and her family were shooting at a moose in a helicopter with a powered rifle? Save a dog? No, save a BLACK MAN!!!! He takes a hellava lot more bullets than a damn dog!!!!

  • http://www.live365.com/stations/muthaknows Mutha


  • Razzell Dazzell

    I respect this organization, but damn! Really? All the killing going on in the world, the genocides in Africa, hell go to any inner city (and suburbs)….go defend those children. I am not an animal lover, but I don’t treat them with crueilty, but trust and believe, I’m choosing myself over any animal. My goodness….they need a real job!

    @carol, you are so right! It’s whatever is convenient and will bring Peta the most publicity. Some of them may need to take the psych test themselves if you ask me.

  • Black Beauty

    He did the crime, and now he is doing the time. Some (people) murderers have had lighter sentences than him. I do not like what he did, but enough already. The man has just about been reduced to nothing, I think that he has paid a high enough price. If he murdered someone, PETA would not give a damn, especially someone who looks like him. Leave the man alone, he has the right to seek employment and earn a living just like everybody else. SMDH

  • http://gallery.me.com/silkyj#100088 Txhustla15 (Freezing in the Austin Weather)

    @carolinagirl1217 – lol or better when Palin was doing news story behind man sticking live turkey into a processing grinder head first or her shooting wolfs in their natural habit with an assault rifle in a helicopter, its all good dont forget Michael Vick created dogfighting heh

  • http://gallery.me.com/silkyj#100088 Txhustla15 (Freezing in the Austin Weather)

    *wolves..dam its too early

  • pm

    I want a cape made out of a male lion with his head as the hood, I wonder can I find that on ebay.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ocky_j Octavia

    I actually agree with PETA’s request. He complied. He passed the test. NOW lets move on.

  • jimmy

    he’s the man!! always!! guess that’s so many people I met on ” ___Agelessmate.com___ ” look up to him! work hard and surprisingly optimistic!! Patrick Swayze, You rock!! hope you will win the fight!!LOL

  • Lady Architect

    I wonder if PETA will leave him alone now. He has done his time and has been publicly embarrassed by them as well. What more do they want? I agree with another poster who said where was PETA when Sarah Palin bragged about killing a moose which are actually on the endagered species list. What about the thousands of dogs they kill because nobody adopts them?

  • Treasure

    Well I don’t agree with PETA’s request to test him physcologically. FUC* PETA they havbe no authority over a mans ability to earn money. They should not be allowed to question anybody or demand the NFL not allow him to regain his employment pending further testing. He has served his time, now it is time to move along to those white men hunting deer for sport.

  • carolinagirl1217

    What right do they have to ask for a test. Why don’t they test the assholes in their organization that throw paint on other peoples for coats.(You can buy what you want with your money.) Throw some paint on a sisters fur coat and see what kinda ass-whoopin'(i’m southern) you will receive.

  • http://thatshideous.com deka

    he is really being made to dance
    i feel bad for him

  • Mrs. Rance

    That is so sad. This man has a college education. It’s obvious he was allowed to skate through not only college, but high school. He writes like a 2nd grader.

  • Lovely One

    Three Words: Free Michael Vick

  • Denebolo

    Mrs. Rance you’re exactly right and what’s even worse is that no one else who commented, picked up on it or saw it kinda odd.

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    I want a panda bear polo and some a polar bear gucci rag!!!

  • Lady Architect

    Mrs. Rance,
    I feel you on that. This is common among football players who attend universities. They often have hookups with the professors and hire people to do work for them. There are tons of football players that can’t write or hardly speak. It’s sad because while he went to school for free, there was another student struggling and stuck with loans.

  • Lady Architect

    I still don’t think it’s right what PETA is doing. Sorry to say they are money driven. They are waiting for Vick and the NFL to donate money to them like BArnum and Bailey did to shut their traps.

  • Treasue

    i’m going to continue to wear my fur. FUC* PETA. They are probably dining on turkey, chicken and scavengers of the sea as we type. what a buch of losers!!

  • Treasure

    I’m going to continue to wear my fur. FUC* PETA. They are probably dining on turkey, chicken and scavengers of the sea as we type. what a buch of losers!!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    If dan reeves gets hired as the new Offensive coordinator in san franscisco under Mike Singletary, you can bet Michael Vick is gonna be there too, mark my words 6am’s never wrong.

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