Avoid The Slander: The Worst Summer Fashion And Hair Trends That Just Aren’t For Everybody

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You might want to think twice before you try these summer trends….

Summer Fashion Trends That Aren’t For Everyone

Although it was one of the longest Winter seasons ever and Spring pretty much got completely skipped over, Summer is finally here. And you know what that means? More partying, less clothing and plenty of pure unadulterated foolishness.

As is the case with every Summer season, this overtaking of foolishness will be most evident in the slew of fashion and hairstyle trends that will sweep the nation from Hollywood down to the hood.

But as the saying goes, everything is NOT for everyone…..and somethings aren’t for anyone. To better illustrate this golden rule, we’ve compiled a list of popular Summer hair and fashion trends that either need to be done well if you’re going to do them….or not done at all. Of course, everyone is entitled to rock what they want….but don’t say we didn’t warn you about the slander to come.

And don’t say we never gave you anything nice.   Ok, here we go…

Leotards with no pants
The rule of thumb for everywhere aside from the confines of your home or the beach is that some type of bottoms are required, even in the summertime when it’s 110 degrees outside. That being said, no one should ever beseen strolling the streets..or hitting the club…looking like they’re auditioning for Tip Drill 2013 in a cheeky skin tight leotard with no pants. Yes, Beyonce and Rihanna wear these during performances, but even they know better than to incorporate it into their everyday attire. So unless you’re planning to be in concert, are on the set of a video shoot, or you make a living by bustin’ it wide open in the skrip club, put some pants on.

Crop Tops
The crop top trend is set to take over Summer 2013. A lot of ladies have been hitting the gym hard to make sure everything is right, tight, toned and crop-top ready. But if you know this isn’t you, then do everyone a favor and sit this one out. Muffin tops and crop tops are like no edges and cornrows….you can’t have both. They’re not friends. In fact, they hate each other. So if you have a muffin top and wear a crop top, it’s only fair that we hate you too.

The “fade and flow” hairstyle
This hairstyle trend has been a shoe in for the last couple of years but contrary to popular belief, there ARE rules. The number one rule? Don’t rock this hairstyle if you don’t plan to keep up both the shaved side AND the non-shaved side of your hair. Hawaiian silky on the left and taco meat on the right is never a good look under any circumstances. So please, keep it together or just let it grow out all the way out.

The sheer leggings struggle
Remember we told you earlier that some trends on this list weren’t fit for anybody at all, ever? This is one of them. Sheer leggings are a great alternative in the summer time when you don’t want your legs out for fear that someone will see the 4-inch gash on your calf from trying to shave with Vaseline because you ran out of shaving cream and also forgot that soap exists. But whether you’re 100 pounds or 1000 pounds, wearing thin or sheer leggings without something to cover your assets is never appropriate. It’s also a good idea to still wear some type of undergarment with these since you just never know when the wind….or your friendly neighborhood perv….will come along and try to blow your cover.

Despite the fact that it’s shaping up to be a scorching hot summer, the all-leather-everything trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. But, beware. If Kanye, Rick Ross, Hov, Rih-Rih and any other celebrity can fall victim to the slander, you too will be called out. Especially if you look as musty and sweaty as people will automatically assume that you are in that leather vest with no shirt underneath, or that leather halter top with your goodies gasping for their last breath of air beneath the black leather darkness in 90-degree weather. If you try this trend, make sure you pull it off well.

Stiletto Sandals
Ladies, we know Summer is the time to stunt. But before you step out in those 6-inch stiletto sandals, do a walk through behind closed doors to make sure your strut is in tact, because no one will even notice how fly your shoes are if you’re walking like someone did a Tonya Harding on your knees just before you left the house.

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    Whether you’re into wearing makeup on the regular or just want to try out some new makeup looks for the summer, make sure you have it together. If you’re going with foundation in the summer, keep in mind that you might need to go up a shade from your regular color as it gets hotter and your face gets darker. Walking around looking like you used contouring concealer as foundation isn’t ever appealing…..or acceptable. Figure out what works for your face and stick to it. And when in doubt, less is more…..and more is probably a hot mess.

    Short Hair, Don’t Care Please Care
    Summer is the perfect time to try out a short hairstyle. However, unless you’re planning to get your Amber Rose on, the notion that short hair = less maintenance is a stone cold myth. It  takes maintenance whether you’re rocking a short and natural look a la Chrisette Michelle, or a short cut a la Meagan Good.   So keep your ish in tact and take pride in your style.

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