Ain’t This About A Beyotch? Dirty Dog John Edwards Moving His Baby Mama And Outside Kid Into Home He Once Shared With Late Wife Elizabeth

- By Bossip Staff

Yooooo! Where is Rodney Dangerfield right now? This guy has NO RESPECT! John Edwards TRULY AIN’T ISHT!!!!

Via National Enquirer reports:

Sources say the former White House wannabe has decided to break a deathbed promise to his late wife Elizabeth by moving his former mis­tress Rielle Hunter and their love child Quinn into the family home.

“This has got to be one of John’s worst ideas ever,” an outraged family source told The ENQUIRER. “Elizabeth was on her deathbed with (her oldest daughter) Cate at her side when she made John promise to never let that woman – she would never even utter Rielle’s name – near her children or into her home.”

But now, nearly three years after Elizabeth lost her brave battle with breast cancer in December 2010, Edwards is reneging on his promise, in part because he’s reac­tivated his law license and is going back to work, said the source.

“Since he’ll be traveling a lot for work, John didn’t want to also be shuttling back and forth between his house in Chapel Hill and Rielle’s place in Charlotte,” explained the source.

Edwards’ younger children with his late wife – Jack, 13, and Emma Claire, 15 – have bonded with Rielle and her daugh­ter Quinn, 5, and don’t seem to mind, said the source.

“But Cate and Elizabeth’s family, especially her sister Nancy, can’t stand the idea,” the source added. “Cate knows how much her mother hated Rielle. Elizabeth must be spinning in her grave.”

Edwards, 60, was a wildly successful trial lawyer before his political career as a Democratic senator from North Carolina and presidential candidate. But in a series of bombshell exclusives, The ENQUIRER blew the lid off his affair with blonde divorcee Rielle and the birth of their love child.

Now his decision to move them into his sprawling 102-acre estate has sparked such a family furor that his former in-laws refuse to speak to him, said the source.

“They don’t really care that John sees Rielle,” noted the source. “But moving the woman who tore Elizabeth’s family apart into the home that she crafted into a safe haven is disgusting to them.”

SMH. These white guys are just as bad if not worse. Politicians have to have THE worst morals we’ve ever heard of.

But at this point he’s got a kid with the woman, do you think there was another solution that would have been more acceptable to his late wife’s family?

How about just buying a new house altogether for the blended bunch?

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