Champagne Life? Beyonce Spotted Sippin’ And Shoppin’ With Hubby Hov In Berlin Amid Pregnancy Rumors

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Mrs. Carter was spotted throwing back some bubbly amid rumors of a baby in her belly…

Beyonce Spotted Sipping From Champagne Amid Pregnancy Rumors

As the Beyonce pregnancy rumors continue to swirl about despite Jay-Z outright denying them, Mrs. Carter herself is continuing to send subliminal messages that seem to deny any truth to the talk that she’s expecting a lil Blue Ivy 2.0.

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Let’s recap everything going on with Beyoncé’s womb.

First, E! Online claimed via sources that Beyoncé was pregnant. Jay-Z then emailed Hot 97’s Ebro to debunk the news.

And now, Bey has been spotted drinking from a flute at the Galleries Lafayette Shopping Mall in Berlin, which should finally put those pregnancy rumors to rest… unless it’s not actually Champagne. Twitter suggests sparkling cider…

So Bey’s trying to send a message that either 1) she’s not pregnant or 2) she’d like people to back out her business. Fair enough.

We’re still not convinced either way. You just never can tell with the Carters and their “deny until we feel like it” way of doing things. You can peep the pictures of Bey sippin’ on what looks a lot like bubbly HERE and decide for yourself.


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