Congratulations!!! Fabulously Gay Couple Pronounced Husband And Husband In France’s First Ever Same-Sex Wedding

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Oui! Oui! Gay marriage is becoming the new normal…

Couple Get Married In France’s First Gay Wedding

Via CBS reports:

In a historic ceremony broadcast live on French television, the first gay couple to marry in France said “oui” then sealed the deal with a lengthy and very public kiss.

Hundreds of invited guests including a government minister gathered for the ceremony Wednesday inside city hall in southern French city of Montpellier. Hundreds more flocked to the square outside the building as Vincent Autin, 40, and his 30-year-old partner, Bruno Boileau, were wed.

The politically charged ceremony was held under tight police surveillance — a stark reminder of the months of bruising opposition to the new gay marriage law that French lawmakers passed earlier this month.

Police on Wednesday used tear gas to scare away a small group of protesters who gathered behind city hall.

“Even if we have passed the hurdle of equality, there are still more battles to fight… But for now, it’s a moment for festivity, for love,” Autin said after exchanging vows.

The two men then walked hand-in-hand to the city hall balcony to wave to well-wishers alongside Montpellier Mayor Helene Mandroux, who officiated at the ceremony. Smiling proudly, Mandroux called the marriage a “historic moment” and “a stage in the modernization of our country.”

France is the 14th country so far — and the biggest in political and economic weight — to recognize gay marriage.

Looks like the world is changing in ole’ gay paree. All the best on your big day, Vincent and Bruno. Gays just want the opportunity to be miserable and married like straight people.

Can you really blame them?

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