Put On Blast: Fantasia Goes HAM And Claps Back At Instagram Hater For Clowning Her Young Daughter’s New Hoodbooger Hairstyle

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Fanny!

Fantasia Talks About Hater After They Make Fun Of Daughter’s Hairdo

Fanny might need to delete her social networking sites. Earlier this week one of Fantasia’s Instagram followers decided to make rude comments about her daughter Zion after the singer posted a pics of her latest hairdo.

Some of Fantasia’s fans clapped back at the hater for coming for a child, but got the final word by posting a photo of the hater posing with her own daughter…

Fanny added this caption:

@kimkae Is a Mother as Well as a Black Women. It Saddens me when a Beautiful Black Women with a Beautiful Black Young Baby comes on another Black Women page and Speaks Negative about her Beautiful Black Young Lady.. Let Me say this Mama if 1 person comes on this pic and comments negative about your Baby what would you do? How would you feel? Well let me tell you how I Feel (Anger, Rage and ready to Fight). Im not going to play this mean and evil game with you or any 1 else. Im a tell you how Pretty your Little Girl is, im a say I Pray she Grows up to be everything GOD as predestined Her to Be, im a say that I pray Angels watch Over You, her and all your Love 1s. Im going to pretend you didn’t just GO INNN on my Baby Girl picture.. ill just Say God Bless You as A Mother and as A Black Sister.. From another Sister. Your Girl is Very Pretty

Do you think Fantasia should have posted this photo and put the hater on blast??

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