Aaliyah: Jay-Z and Dame Dash’s…Jump Off????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rumors are flying around that the real reason Jay-Z and Dame Dash fell out is because of Aaliyah:

Trying to stir up interest in his upcoming Roc-A-Fella documentary, reveals what everybody already knows that one of the reason’s behind the Dame Dash / Jay Z clash was Aaliyah. Choke tells Hip Hop Weekly, “Both Jay and Dame was involved with a certain R&B singer, who I’m not gonna say her name out of respect ’cause she ain’t around to defend herself, but I believe that was a part of the initial friction. I was seeing Jay with her back around 2000, then Dame… …was with her after. All you have to do is look at the movie they did, Death of a Dynasty. In the movie they were fighting over a model. In real life she was a model, but singing is what she was known for first.”

You have to wonder if that will be addressed in the upcoming biopic. We all know how stunningly beautiful Aaliyah was, but promiscuous???



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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • PhillyYoungGrownWoman

    @ Hannibal…ignorant avitar (makes me happy to see others so maddd tho…’we aint going nowhere’-diddy style)

    but anyway. aaliyah was human. you know how a young girl can start off liking one friend but the other is cuter..

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    How does this make her promiscuous? She could’ve been with Dame one year, and romantically involved with Jay two years later…

    Regardless, I’m not going to believe this story until someone closely related to her explains. Why is this relevant anyway?

  • Y'all Some Haters

    Why is SHE the hoe? Good Morning Bossip…

  • http://~ FakeAssHungryHo

    I bet Kidada and Rashida Jones knows it ALL!!!
    Maybe they will defend her in a book…. one can only wish,like the writer said, she’s not here to defend her self.
    Promiscuous or not, she handled and carried herself like a lady.

  • Colonel StinkMeaner



    It only causes drama between dudes. I don’t care if they weren’t friends, they were business partners; close enough. Idiots……….

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    She was not a ho!!!

  • Jai

    No one from Aaliyah’s camp is going to confirm this rumor, due to respecting her rep/image. However, it’s not hard to believe.

  • dont deny it

    Aaliyah ADMITTED that she was a very sexual person…..

    She’s never tried to hide that.

  • jena4rmthablock

    Say it aint so …

  • cosign

    She was not a jump off. She was a very talented, attractive young girl who attracted very talented, flashy men.

  • heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...don't say that!

    Wow this is a shocker, was she really messing with jay? And why does it have to be her it could be mya, blu cantrall or even Christin Milian…from what I know Jay was messing with those 3! I really don’t think Aaliyah was one of his jumpoffs even though that picture looks a little suspect!

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    DUh. What or who do you think her song Loose Rap on her self-titled album Aaliyah was about??..Jay. What do you think the whole DAMN album was about?? She was mad about Bey..idk why. Aaliyah was straight hood, REAL & pretty. Such a sad loss to the music world.

  • jena4rmthablock

    R. Kelly turned her Azz out…smdh @ piedpedo

  • http://bossip Akeys

    What else is new welcome to the music industry!!

  • heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...don't say that!

    Cosign She could have all the talent in the world, but that does not mean she wasn’t messing around! I don’t wanna believe it but sometime things we don’t wanna believe are true! (In this case I don’t believe it) Bossip U NEED MORE PEOPLE!

  • Poca

    I always thought that, but that is neither here nor there, like “PhillyYoungGrownWoman” said she was only human, and I do believe it was a year or 2 apart not that she was dealing with Jay in June and then with Dame in July, and you know what thats her business!!!

  • MsMac

    Why in the world are they digging up old mess like this anyway? I think it is distasteful and definitely not fair to defend herself.

  • jenn

    I’m sorry how does this make her a hoe??? And has everyone forgotten that she was ENGAGED to Dame Dash at the time of her death??? Bossip really talks out of pocket at times….

  • Swag-a-licious

    I see Jay was showing affection to Aaliyah EARLY in their relationship. He made Bey walk 10 steps behind him for like 6 years!!! Who says he doesn’t like P.D.A??? Maybe he just don’t like it with Bey..

    But hey Aaliyah is gone (RIP) and Jay and Bey are happily(snickering) married. I love Black love!!

  • Colonel StinkMeaner


    Man it ain’t no UNITY or LOYALTY or RESPECT anymore. It’s all about “selling your soul.” These people ain’t trying to “uplift each other” or spread love and positivity. Sick Phuckas……….

  • Sookie

    i HATE, just hate the double standard with men. they can fuk round all they want, but have a woman with brains and beauty pick and choose HER OWN JUMP OFFS so she can get hers when she wants…and she’s a hoe. fuk all y’all men and your cavemen attitude. fuk all of ya men who don ‘t understand that a woman can do what a man can do when single, and when she’s good and ready to settle down she will. and damn u if you think she’s not wifey material cause she got her groove on while single, didn’t YOU do the same fkn thing? are you NOT HUSBAND MATERIAL now???

    fuk the double standard.

    Aliyah rip. say a prayer for those still living here and having to deal with this bs.

  • kaygee33

    I hope the “wings” have finally come of Aaliyah…she was a fast ass girl and she was a hot ass grown woman…”It takes 2 to play all day,” and she is not as innocent as people want her to be. Damon Dash was a good 8 years older than her when she died, to me that spoke volumes about the kind of young lady/woman she was…I’m not calling her a a bad woman, but she attracted to older men, and she liked sex…

  • cosign

    heyyyyyyyyyyy, yes talent are not, I’m sure she had a VERY active dating life. lol Talented, attractive successful people usually do.

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