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Bossip exclusively caught up with Bobby V and had an interesting conversation about smashing jumpoffs. A while back on the Big Boy radio show, Ne-Yo confessed that he’s probably chopped down 100 jumpoffs over the span of his career. Bobby V considers that to be a low number:

Bossip: Who are you dating right now?
Bobby V: I’m solo right now. I’m just looking to have fun right now.

Bossip: What does “fun” consist of?
Bobby V: You know what fun is. Everybody know what fun is. It’s not having to answer to nobody. Meeting somebody and whateva y’all do it whateva y’all do. No strings attached.

Bossip: How much “fun” would you say you have on a weekly basis?
Bobby V: A lot. I can’t even put a number on it. I can’t even count. I have to take days off.

Bossip: Who is your competition?
Bobby V: I consider Ne-Yo my competition. I feel like I’m all of the same things that he is. I’m a writer and a singer. I may not do as much dancing but I just feel like we’re on the same lines. The fanbase that I have, I really want to win over his fan base too. He’s like the number one artist as far as R&B too, so why not have the number one cat be your competition.

Bossip: Well, a while back, Big Boy asked Ne-yo how many jump-offs he’d had in his career and he said 100. Can you top that?
Bobby V: Aww, man. He can have that. That’s a low number. That’s good for him, though. That means that he’s a good guy. Like, a year?

Bossip: No, over the span of his career.
Bobby V: Altogether?! 100? He’s a great guy. For real.

Bossip: So, how do you feel about jump-offs in general? Would you ever have a serious relationship with a jump-off?
Bobby V: It could turn into something more. If you like somebody it don’t matter what they do. If you like somebody it don’t matter what somebody tell you about them, you gonna like them regardless. It aint nothing you can do about your feelings and emotions.

Bossip: With your new song “Beat, beat, beat”…what was the *ahem* inspiration behind that song?
Bobby V: I know a lot of young ladies, they don’t like you to be gentle. I’ve noticed that. A lot of them want that thang beat. That’s kind of where it came from, but I changed it to “beep,” so that it won’t be so vulgar. Women are loving it more than anything.

Bossip: So, women want it rough, huh?
Bobby V: Yeah, a lot of them do. It’s crazy because I never knew that until I experienced that.

Bobby V’s new album The Rebirth hits store on February 10th, 2009.

Bossip folk, can you really wife a jumpoff? No offense to you hard-working groupies out there. And, tell us the truth, y’all do want that thang beat, huh?



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