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An interesting group of colorful characters kicked it this weekend at Mansion Night club in Miami. Singer and Songwriter Ne-Yo had the courage to go out without his head covered up.

Fill in the Blank: You would describe Ne-Yo’s steez as ___________________.

More images from this event right about now…

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  • Ms 305

    NeYo should never leave the house w/o a hat.

  • Purple-Rain

    Am I the only who thinks this is suspect?

  • Royal Chocolate


  • txshawty

    Ne-Yo if you don’t—Got dawg it—boy I’ma—

    {can’t even finish sentences outta frustration}

    I really wanna root for you,boo, really I do, I love your music, but these pictures boo…{Jamie Foxx} They’re not really working for me???!

  • Sarita

    I would discribe it as “very Suspect”. LOL!!!!

  • Bankable P

    His steez looks f*cked up!

    Reminds me of a song…. “…All night I be on it….All Day…..” LOL!!!

  • neekah

    Neyo really should always keep a hat nearby. Jade looks like a big dude no wonder she didn’t win ANTM, Vivica looks a good mess as usual with that jacked up face, Scott Storch or whatever his name is looks like a fat pimply faced white kid who always got picked on in school, and finally Talib Kweli looks like he need an intervention ASAP

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    Leave Ne-Yo alone. We all have insecurities. He might have overcame this one. Don’t worry Ne-Yo, I have an apple head too! 🙂

  • I wonder

    Damn neyo’s head looks like a melted milk dud…

  • rell

    hahaha ne-yo got the egg

    no wonder he where’s a hat all the time

  • persona

    Why don’t you mention that’s Talib Kweli?

  • Nikki

    Kweli looks so out of it, Ne-Yo is my baby but um that head is. . .

  • The Original Ebony

    no father in the home,

    while growing up.


  • Lawd Have Mercy

    DAYUUMMMMM!!! I can see my future on his dome,LMAO.

    Is Vivica doing Scott Storch now? Please don’t tell me she’s trying to get a record deal now.But doesn’t Scott Storch look like a Child Molester to you? SMDH

  • Lili

    The glasses didn’t add more to his look.

  • shann934

    He need so always have a hat on. PERIOD!!!

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  • Chubby Kidd

    damn Ne-Yo look like the black buddha..

  • amazonia

    His head looks like a big d*ck and the dude next to him is really getting off on that.

    Too gay to function!!!!

  • Pervster


  • Pervster

    I gotta give it to him though, Ne-yo IS clutching that ass on Jade like he knows what to do with it. The brotha should have left the glasses at the crib instead of hanging off his nose like that. But then again he probably needed them to hide behind since he was rocking that dome of his.

  • I wonder


    once ya face has been pulled back and stretched beyond its limit…..U will always look as if ur unsure or confused…


    I LUV nEYO …HATERS STOp IT.:p he need a hat though.not a good look bare.

  • Smartie

    After 20 years Swizz finally did a remix of Cassidy’s Drink & My Two Step that Shot 97 played yesterday. Ne-Yo killed his part and blew Ye away and mentioned how everyone says he’s gay. It’s a must listen to.

  • The Goddess

    He just confirmed my earlier thoughts on him NOT being the most handsome man. UGH!

  • Marv

    hay hello to black … wait minie me.

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