What Just Happened? 10 Burning Questions From The Very Bizarre Hot 97 Summer Jam

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10 Reactions From Hot 97 Summer Jam

Summer Jam was huge last night as Hot 97 celebrated the 20th year of its incredible event. There were great acts, sorry acts and acts we sort of forgot about. In the end, all anyone is talking about is Papoose rushing the stage. After all of it, we had some burning questions about the event we had to get off our chests.

1. Why are we pretending Fabolous is a legend? – Seriously, New York acts like Fab is all that but he hasn’t been hot in like 10 years.

2. Why did the Wu-Tang Clan Kill everyone? – It was sort of sad that the group of 40 year old rappers out-performed just about every other rapper on the stage.it just showed how bad the state of the game is.

3. What’s up with the New York crowd? – They seemed lame as hell the whole time!

4. Who let French Montana headline? – He was probably the least deserving headline act of all time. Of all time.

5. Is Kendrick King? – Kendrick Lamar killed his set. By himself. Is he officially the king of Hip-Hop now?

6. Where was Jay? – He showed up with Bey and people thought he’d hit the stage, but why didn’t he?

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    7. Lil Kim. Question mark? – Why did she look like lukewarm garbage…again?

    8. Who the hell let Papoose on stage? – Papoose snuck on after Kendrick Lamar’s show and nobody knows how he did it. Someone has some explaining to do!

    9. Why is Papoose even still trying to rap? – Did UPS stop hiring?

    10. Why did they cut French Montana’s set? – Did they realize he’s terrible at music and spare us the embarrassment? We hope so.

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