The Odd Couple: Morbidly Obese Man Marries Anorexic And Bulimic Woman After Falling In Love At Eating Disorder Clinic

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Love is blind!

Morbidly Obese Man Marries Anorexic-Bulimic Woman

Via RadarOnline reports:

Recovering anorexic and bulimic Lizzie Elsburg and morbidly obese Chris Glasgow headed to Pacific Shores Hospital in California to deal with their respective eating disorders, ended up falling in love months later and are now planning on walking down the aisle – and has the details.

The unlikely couple met at the clinic in August 2012 and bonded over their eating problems, but didn’t start a romantic relationship until January 2013, getting engaged the next month.

“At first I was a bit afraid of Chris,” admits Lizzie, who was only 89 pounds when she checked into the clinic, about her fiancé, who weighed a whopping 489 pounds. “I couldn’t understand how anyone could let themselves get to that size. But after a while I got to know the person inside. I was able to see past his body issues, because I have body issues too.”

Chris, who suffered from self-esteem issues, was taken by surprise when he learned that he had an admirer.

“When I found out through a friend that Lizzie liked me, I was really shocked. I didn’t think any girl would ever find me attractive, let alone one as beautiful as Lizzie. There’s no way I would ever hit on a girl like her in the past because I would have thought she’d just laugh at me,” he explained.

Lizzie, who was forced to eat much more than her usual 100 calorie-per-day diet, and Chris, who traded in his excessive food menu for skimpy portions, were both determined to get better and bonded over their drive.

“It was a little weird at first. It felt like we should swap plates. ‘But we recognized that we were both determined to beat our eating disorders – and that’s what drew us together,” Lizzie explained.

“I went to an eating disorder clinic to lose weight and came out with the love of my life,” gushed Chris, who popped the question to Lizzie in February at a park near the clinic.

Chris has lost 70 pounds since last summer, while his bride-to-be is a healthy 126 pounds currently.

The couple is living near each other in Virginia and though they are planning on walking down the aisle next summer, Lizzie has set some boundaries by giving him an ultimatum.

It sounds like this relationship allowed her to move past her own body image and it motivates him to lose all the weight he needs to lose which can’t be easy. We wish them all the happiness plus you have to give her props for supporting him through this while still recovering from her own issues too.

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