Love & Hip Hop: Momma Dee Says Erica Dixon Beats Up Scrappy And Is Nothing But A Money Hungry Attention Slore!

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Momma Dee exposes Erica Dixon and it ain’t pretty!

Momma Dee Says Erica Dixon Physically Abuses Scrappy

LHHATL’s Momma Dee sat down with “The Scoop with the Hip-Hop Socialite” on 4umf, where she puts her son’s baby mama Erica on blast. Momma Dee talks about how Erica is physically abusive to Lil Scrappy, why Diamond was a better girlfriend and says she’s basically stealing from Scrappy….

On Erica’s spread Black Men’s Magazine, Momma Dee says:

“No [she hasn’t seen it]. I really don’t care to see my granddaughter’s mother in any other light but being my granddaughter’s mother. When you got a person that wasn’t raised by their mama and don’t have no real values, they tend to wander like that, you know what I’m saying.”

Momma Dee also claims Erica beats up Scrappy regularly:

“People don’t know that Erica is very physically abusive. She’s jumped on my son, and hit him and stuff. And what mother will like a woman that does that off camera? Then people want to point fingers ’cause the TV don’t show you that, and then say, ‘Momma Dee, why you don’t like Erica?’ Well, where’s your child and daughter? Wouldn’t you protect your child even if they were grown if your daughter came home and she was jumped on and had black eyes by a man? Wouldn’t you ladies and gentlemen get mad if your 25-year-old son or 29-year-old son had a wife or a girlfriend and he came home and his arm broke and face is all scratched up for nothing ’cause she having fits like ya’ll saw on TV? Would you like her? Would you accept her into the fold? No!”

“Yes she is [physically abusive]. Ya’ll just keep watching the show, you going to see more, ’cause her and her mama shows out with their alley back ways.”

Momma Dee is fed up! The reality star continues to go in on Erica as well as the messy child support drama her son Scrappy is facing. Hit the flip to read more of the interview…

“When I hear her say stuff like that [that Scrappy’s broke], it hurts me, because if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be on a show. Because VH1 asked him, he could pick any woman. He chose her to help her. And you can quote me on this one, I’ll put my hand on the Bible – the understanding was that if he put her on the show, that she’d take him off child support. She signed the papers to get put on the show, to take him off child support. He said, ‘I’m only paying you $3500 a month, but you making plenty now gong on gigs and walk-throughs.’ So he did her a real good favor ’cause I got 2 kids by 2 different men, and they ain’t never put me on like that. So you see that she is not even grateful, to do him like that.”

“He stopped [paying child support], but when they broke up, this engagement over, she talking about, ‘I’ll see you back in court.’ No Erica, you signed off for taking him off. You can’t go back baby. You see how the double-dipping? You see how evil she is? Just ’cause he don’t want to be with you no more, you want to make this man miserable. And the only reason why you on the show is because he said, ‘If I put you on, you sign taking me off because I’m paying you $3500, but you can make more.’ She signed the paperwork, and VH1 has a copy. So I’m telling you now, that’s double-dipping. You got to know, she’s money hungry, and she doesn’t care if she destroys my son.”

Momma Dee also wishes Scrappy would have ended back up with his ex girlfriend Diamond:

“Erica. ‘Cause see Diamond never cursed me, Diamond has never called me out my name, Diamond has never tried to fight me. She has never hit Scrappy. Let me tell you something, I just hate that girl [Diamond] made that bad decision, because if I had something to do with it, he would have married her. That’s the sweetest little thing. She may have been a little whorish, but as women, we make our wrong decisions. Every man I slept with wasn’t the best. She made a bad decision, and she’s the one that has to live with it, not us. Scrappy was very hurt and bothered by it. He’s gotten over it, he’s moved on. But, Diamond is a sweet young lady, and if I had to be honest, she’s a sweet girl. Her mother is just as sweet as she is.”

Momma Dee says the reports that her son is broke are not true and he even closed on a home recently:

“Scrappy ain’t broke. How can Scrappy be broke when he just purchased almost a million dollar mansion here in Atlanta? He just closed on it. That’s why we was scrambling around before he went into rehab, we was scrambling around for the closing. How he going to be broke when that red Mercedes she [Erica] pulled out of the garage when she tried to fight and hit Scrappy, he bought? Come on now. Wow, again, Erica’s lies.”

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