Love & Hip Hop: Momma Dee Says Erica Dixon Beats Up Scrappy And Is Nothing But A Money Hungry Attention Slore!

- By Bossip Staff


“When I hear her say stuff like that [that Scrappy’s broke], it hurts me, because if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be on a show. Because VH1 asked him, he could pick any woman. He chose her to help her. And you can quote me on this one, I’ll put my hand on the Bible – the understanding was that if he put her on the show, that she’d take him off child support. She signed the papers to get put on the show, to take him off child support. He said, ‘I’m only paying you $3500 a month, but you making plenty now gong on gigs and walk-throughs.’ So he did her a real good favor ’cause I got 2 kids by 2 different men, and they ain’t never put me on like that. So you see that she is not even grateful, to do him like that.”

“He stopped [paying child support], but when they broke up, this engagement over, she talking about, ‘I’ll see you back in court.’ No Erica, you signed off for taking him off. You can’t go back baby. You see how the double-dipping? You see how evil she is? Just ’cause he don’t want to be with you no more, you want to make this man miserable. And the only reason why you on the show is because he said, ‘If I put you on, you sign taking me off because I’m paying you $3500, but you can make more.’ She signed the paperwork, and VH1 has a copy. So I’m telling you now, that’s double-dipping. You got to know, she’s money hungry, and she doesn’t care if she destroys my son.”

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