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Akon was taking a stroll through the London city center when he was approached by a few fans, then more showed up, and the next thing you know “The Konvict” was running for his dear life:

R&B singer Akon found himself at the center of a frightening scene in London recently – when an encounter with fans went awry. The Smack That hit-maker was strolling through the city center this weekend when several members of the public approached the star. But the sighting sparked a fan frenzy and after being mobbed, Akon was forced to take shelter in……a nearby fast food restaurant. And the star had to be smuggled out of the building’s back entrance after the surging mob of fans shattered a window. He says, “The intention was to go and watch a movie, but as we were walking there I spotted this little catfight in the middle of the street. It was really funny so I started filming it on my phone.” “I forgot who I was for a second, and people started to notice me – before I knew it I was being mobbed by about 300 fans. I had to run to the nearby Burger King, but it got so crazy with people following that a window ended up getting smashed. They had to sneak us out the back and I never did get to see that film.”

Breaking the glass to get to the ageless R&B star is taking it to far. Rumor has it the crowd thought he was the singer, Seal. SMH




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