Smash Season: 9 Celebrity Men Who Can Get The Business

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We love ourselves some sexy men no matter what flavor. Here are 9 celebrity men who can get it from us anytime.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has the type of finest where he can shave his beard and look 20 years younger. He may be a little long in the tooth, but he is sexy as hell.

Columbus Short

There is something so sexy about the way he has Olivia Pope’s back. If only he had our back like that.


Usher has a beautiful voice. Plus we here he’s great in the sack.

Apollo Nida

We fell in love with Apollo the moment we saw him eat that pickle on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. If he ate that pickle like that imagine what he could do to us.


Drake is the perfect package. He can rap, sing and he’s in touch with a woman’s feelings.

Floyd Mayweather

There is something sexy about a guy who fights and never gets hit. Floyd is cocky, but he stays breaking off women with those dollas. Be our sugar daddy.

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    We don’t care want anyone says. Eminem is the truth and he is sexy in a scrawny, white boy kind of way.

    50 Cent

    We know he did Vivica wrong. We trying to get with 50 so went can have our bank account on swoll.

    Morris Chestnut

    Morris is an oldie, but goodie. He is like a fine piece of dark chocolate that we just want to dive into.

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