Caption This???

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Here are some nice and respectable girls recently seen in the UK. You know some low-self esteem having brotha would wife that up. SMH.

Caption This.

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  • DICooper

    Two orders of pancake swirl to go, please.

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Girl hurry up it’s no ass night…and you know it be packed!!!

  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    Bossip, weren’t ya’ll the same people who put up pictures of CoCo and said, “Our prayers have been answered for the white woman to have cakes?”

    Bossip must have short term memory. Maybe ya’ll should refer to your archives a little more.

  • Canadian DIVA

    So….What’s the point of this? Very confused. What’s going on are falling off the wagon again. Try this…if you dont have anything good to post…let’s stay away from hangging white womens butts…see where that takes.

    I’m out.

  • luvchild

    Since the shorts were already all up in her azz do you think that bothered her? Was she less embarrassed as others would be when they get a wedgie?????

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    happy snow day!

  • tiffwill

    I guess, I live in Europe, and the UK isn’t that far away all these hoes dress like that and it be cold as $hit. Swear you’ll see mini skirts with ankle booties, and a tank top with a half jacket thingy, and its like 23 degrees outside. These hoez is dizzy

  • knottmyhair

    once again….waste of space.

  • tiffwill

    oh my caption is… Bend over a little more girl it wont go in this way…

    Since when is it not cool to put on some clothes?

  • BMW

    I don’t understand why some people show their ass and it looks like a pancake and soccer mom festish ass! and men still chase your thirsty ass around the dance floor!

  • Aunt Viv

    Co-sign Re! Bossip flip-floppin’!


    LOL, well brothas do complain about sistas then go marry some undercover trash from another race. go figure…but what brotha you talking bout bossip?

  • PhillyWoman

    reggie bush approves this thread…

  • Somer

    Is Bossip smoking. NO GOOD BROTHA WOULD WIFE THEM??? PLEAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZE. These 2 skanks could pull a black athlete before any beautiful A,B, C or D list black female celeb. One brotha who play for the Eagles is about to wife one of Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door. His mother should be so proud.

  • PhillyWoman

    eddie murphy approves this thread…

  • PhillyWoman

    cuba gooding & seal approves this thread…

  • PhillyWoman

    don cornelius approves this thead…. 🙂

  • PhillyWoman

    the nfl & nba approves this thread….

  • Nigga Said

    Y’all got it wrong. Only the girl in the black mini skirt suffers from good ol’ pancake ass(just like mom used to make). The girl in the blue suffers from an underdveloped booty. Its has the meat just not the right form. Either way I give these asses 2 thumbs down.

  • BMW

    Theres about to be a race war in here in a few mintues! the swirl threads do that!



    STFU!! LOL!

    Nino Brown would have approved if the man in the Court rm hall didnt smoke his ass…he had money and was on his way to the Snow Bunnies….

  • The_Truth


    Bossip has posted this to strike a nerve amongst INSECURE BLACK WOMEN. . .please, don’t fall for this!

  • jim beez


  • devin

    We’re looking for Eddie and Johnnie.

  • RU$$

    Bitter Black Women are loving this thread 🙂

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