Call 911: 8 Famous Parents Who Almost Went To Jail For How They Treated Their Kids

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Celebrities Who Almost Went To Jail For How They Treat Their Kids

Everybody loves their kids, right? Even if they’re not the best at showing it. Sometimes parenting goes wrong and the authorities get called in. These parents may have had the best intentions (or not), but they effed up and got the kids almost taken away.

So give DHS a call and check these parents out.

Teddy Riley – The YouTube video of him smacking his daughter with a guitar almost landed him in the clink and the incident was just all around ugly.

Michael Jackson – The video of him hanging his baby off the balcony was spread around the world and led to an investigation.

Creflo Dollar – his daughter called the police on him for whooping her…but it seemed like she deserved it.

Draya Michele – There was a police report that said she’d left her son at home for a week with nothing but TV dinners while she went to “work.”

Katt Williams – He was charged with child endangerment for allegedly having his kids in an unsafe environment at home surrounded by guns and illegal drugs.

Charlie Sheen – He lost his kids after it was revealed that he was having coke slore parties with his kids there.

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    David Hasselhoff – He got chocolate wasted and his daughter filmed it, causing police to investigate.

    Nicolas Cage – Police were called in because he knocked his kid down in a scuffle with his wife.

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