Exclusive: Damon Dash Says Jay-Z Embarassed Their Movement, Was a Disloyal Partner

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

In our exclusive Bossip interview with Damon Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke, the founders of The Roc, we discuss everything from rumors of Dash’s financial trouble, would Jay-Z be wacked for his disloyalty if The Roc was a mafia organization, and which female celebrities he would have a threesome with. We also discuss his fashion designer wife, Rachel Roy, and why his social networking site, Block Savvy, hasn’t really jumped off yet.

Part 1

Damon Dash discusses how he met his wife and his social networking venture, Block Savvy. Dash speaks on why America Magazine and Damon Dash Music Group didn’t jump off. Speaking on Jay-Z still putting out albums, he says you have to know when to quit.

Part 2

Damon Dash talks about The Roc falling apart and his relationship with Jay-Z. He says what Jay-Z did was ‘like a betrayal’. Dash speaks on Jay-Z disloyalty and embarrassing The Roc movement. Dash also says he doesn’t know Jay-Z anymore. He says his wife was the driving force behind growing Rocawear into a business worth over $700 million. Dash addresses rumors of him being in financial turmoil.

Part 3

Kareem “Biggs” Burke introduces himself and Dash discusses whether Jay’s music is currently strong enough to do another Streets is Watching musical. He says he doesn’t really listen to Jay’s music anymore.

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  • MiSS. Am i HiGH aka PERSEPHANY

    &&` btw, wasn’t Dame Dash married to Aaliyah?

  • fatboy

    MAN IM TIRED OF THESE DUDES….they both wack and need to go away. these Old azz nukkuz r old news.

    stop the crying…ya split and divorced..the end.


    In all honesty, if your business “partner” sold a company that you built for over 12 years together, yall would be salty too!

  • DANA

    DAMN MARY J! that was harsh!! LOL!!

  • Traydayz

    Dame sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend. Let it go! Stop talking about Jay every chance you get. If your wife built Rocawear into such an empire, how come she can’t do it for herself? They all agreed to sell Rocawear. Don’t backpedal now!

  • Queenie

    It was okay…The third one doesn’t work

  • Bronx Brawler

    Does that interviewer have a degree in journalism? if so where did she get it from? online or mail in correspondence courses? maybe she should stick to only print interviews NOTHING with audio or video. Run down to your local community college & take a few journalism classes asap!!!!

  • Bronx Brawler

    Ghetto journalism at its best you gotta love it.

  • Elanael@yahoo.com

    Oh ya, Album in stores today right Jay? American Gangster, Go and get it baby.

  • Masala Dosa

    Dang Mary…………

  • Ja

    Trust me, Dame got PAID when he and Jay Split. If Dame would’ve made smart business moves after leaving, he wouldn’t be saying this.

    I always compare Dame to Puffy. Both got big on other peoples’ careers. How do we know who Dame or Puffy is? Because Jay and Biggie mentioned them in songs and they acted a fool in videos.

    The difference is, Puffy went on to make smarter business moves.

    Dame is obviously upset – especially when Jay is dropping a FIRE album according to the critics, and was recently announced as the highest paid person in hip hop this year.

    What has Dame done? blacksavvy.com? fake ass myspace

  • dee

    i think they both need some cranberry juice

    (they must have their periods)

  • idkmybffJillBoinChickaBoinBoin

    What happened to what happens at home, stays at home? Why is this dude discussing what happened between him and Jay with the world? Real men handle their business like men, not in the media. What are we supposed to do? Run to Jay and power poke him for hurting Dame’s feelings? Pah-leez…..he should definitely focus more of his attention on artist development. Stay out of the media until you have some self-respect Dame.

  • it's life

    Dame seems a bit envious of Jay’s success after he left him. You know how it is when you out grow someone and leave them behind. Of course we didn’t leave them behind with millions of dollars but they don’t want the best for you. Their Ego has told them that you are nothing without them. He is just realizing that he might have been a ball and chain for Jay. Sigh oh well. Yall give Dame a break. It’s hard learning that your Ego wasn’t sh!t without the bread-winner. Ike- uhh ummmm Dame, leave him alone. It’s over.

  • it's life

    P.S. At least you hear people talk about Jay’s album. Dame…….? Exactally.


    dude is a whiny biatch….LET IT GO!!! I agree the ROC did fall apart cause Jay didn’t know what the hell he was doing…Kanye doesn’t count. BUT SH*T…LIVE AND LET GO!!! Dame needs to stop complaining about the past and step his game up!!! Get some new designers for the CEO clothing line…that sh*t looks hella corny!! Search for some real untapped talent and stop whining about jay

    and jay does need to put down the mic…his ego to big for that though.

  • j

    I applaud your efforts of scoring an interview with two famed businessmen. Unfortunately, the interviewer soooooo bad that I couldn’t enjoy the interview. No personality, no interest shown in her voice and the questions are probing the wrong topics. Please take this opportunity to be humble and pass the mic to someone who actually WANTS to do the interview. She needs a glass of water. With Ice! Very dissapointed….

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    Let it go…move on.

    I’m not gonna listen to that. There is no story to tell. We all saw what went down. Stop holding on to hatrid.

    You have your health and family — be happy. Be happy that you are not signing gamecubes w/ ashy knuckles, atleast.

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    To the interviewer:

    1. Do your research. Do Not ask questions with disinterest in your voice.

    2. When the person being interviewed is talking too much, find a way to shorten their answers.

    3. Don’t ask questions like, “How did you meet your wife.” Ask questions that inspire.

    4. Take journalism 101…..no, Speech 101

    5. You could have watched MTV and learned about better interviewing skills. Geesh!

  • Lady K

    “Be happy that you are not signing gamecubes w/ ashy knuckles, atleast.”

    LOL, LOL

    I have to agree with that

  • holla

    dame and biggs are those dudes, that camel is going down hw would sell his mother up the river if he had to, he’s old and used up.porps to dame and biggs for lettin out the truth. all camel soldiers should kill ya self.

  • Coop

    Dame is a bitter dude. Talking about being disloyal. This bama a** dude throws private coming home parties for rats like Alpo. Yes Dame is a real Harlem dude.

  • Kim

    The dumbest question to ever go down in interview history: “would Jay-Z be wacked for his disloyalty if The Roc was a mafia organization?”

    This was the worst interview ever!!

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