That’s Our Gal: Michelle Obama’s Most Bada$$ Moments

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Michelle Obama’s Coolest Moments

Michelle Obama is the best. Like, really. She’s the greatest. What is there not to love about her? She’s fly, good to her man and is helping the whole country get healthy. Even though she has her slew of haters, we can’t deny the First Lady’s greatness. So how do we show our appreciation? By counting down these incredibly bada$$ moments from her life.

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Being The Breadwinner – Back when Barack was broke and trying to make it, Michelle held down the money-earning. She stuck by him and wasn’t tripping on $200 dates. You could learn something.

Rocking Affordable Clothes – Remember when John McCain’s wife was wearing hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and Michelle was rocking the J. Crew? She killed it too.

Staying Fit –It’s so hot how she’s staying fit and keeping the rest of the country on its toes.

She Hit Tha Dougie – Enough said.

That Eyeroll – She eye-rolled the jerk Boehner something fierce to let him know it wasn’t a game.

Her Primary Speech – The speech she gave last year for Barack was one of the best speeches than we’ve ever heard.

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    Bum Rushing The Troll – She went face-to-face with this troll yesterday to show her who was boss. She let the Chicago come out with that one.

    The Kiss – She locked lips with Barack in public to show their love is in full effect.

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