Clap For Her: Reginae Carter Opens Up About Being Lil Wayne’s Celebrity Seed And Says She’s Not Thirsty For Fame

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Reginae Carter Opens Up About Being A Celebrity Kid

While some children of the lime light are kicking up their pampered feed and enjoying the perks of having a famous parent, 15-year-old Reginae Carter and her Cash Money celebrity seed counterpart Bria are two teenagers ready to do their part to send a positive message for a good cause.

Reginae who is the daughter of YMCMB bossmn Lil Wayne, and Bria, who is the daughter of Cash Money bossman Birdman, have teamed up to promote their new book “Paparazzi Princesses.” The duo recently stopped by Power 105 radio to talk about their new book and dish a little bit about being a celebrity seed.

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“Paparazzi Princesses is like two teenage girls who have celebrity fathers and we’re basically telling people we’re still kids,” Reginae told the DJs at Power 105.1.

Reginae, the daughter of rapper Lil Wayne, and Bria, Birdman’s daughter, pulled from their own life experiences for the teen novel which they wrote to encourages young people to read.

“There’s a lot of kids who don’t read nowadays. We just tried to make something fun for kids to read and they can also learn a lesson that it’s not all roses and daisies being a celebrity kid,” Reginae said.

Reginae & Bria also revealed that they are very much aware of how their life as celebrity teens differs from their non-famous peers.

Bria cosigned that she and her godsister have to consider things that non-celebrity teens don’t.

“We can’t just post anything on Instagram or Twitter. We just can’t say anything or just send other people pictures of us because they might leak to sites,” she said.

While there’s some normalcy to their lives, like doing chores, they also have to worry about what bloggers are writing about them and about fake people who want to befriend them for the wrong reasons.

Though they admit they want fame, Reginae and Bria said they’re not really interested in professions that will thrust them into the spotlight.

“I want to be an OBGYN,” said Reginae. Bria wants to be a vet.

There’s nothing wrong with children of celebrities wanting to follow in their parents’ footsteps if they are setting a good example, but we have to admit that it’s refreshing to hear these little misses  aspiring to be  doctors. Kudos to them!

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