Out With the New, In With the Old

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Get it together, GQ Mexico.  Seriously, the chick hasn’t had this hairstyle for ages (in celeb time).  Anyway, Rihanna always looks toned, but this is on some other ‘ish.  Snap into a Slim Jim!

More pics of Princess Ri Ri up under the hood.

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  • Colonel StinkMeaner


  • Colonel StinkMeaner


  • http://www.gravatar.com Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    Why, why, WHY don’t women wear fitting bathing suit tops? This seriously baffles me…is it sexy?

  • GoodKarma4me

    Damn girl even popular in Mexico…Go get my carribean sista! Make that paper!

  • GoodKarma4me

    Go get it my carribean sista i mean..

  • Prissy

    She looks good.

  • jays blazin

    ok slow news day, but it’s better than sandra rose, that itch is on some other shyt. He/She is always posting negative stuff about our prez, and turns the comments off!! and then want to ban somebody,what a lame.

  • LawdhavMercythisshitis real

    luv my girl riri is this an old pic though thats was from the 1st release of gggb

  • cronachrissy

    Top ten
    Go RiRi!

  • Aunt Viv

    A little outdated with the Ri-Ri stock photo but she looks good.

  • Adrienne

    I love Rhianna, but she looks a little trannyish in the main pic…..Sorry guys, not hating, just calling it like it is. The hairstyle isn’t doing her any favors either.

  • Toxicity/ Industry Insider

    good for her having mass appeal

  • NYC Gal

    The hottest chick in the game right now!!

  • Uno

    Weird, i’ve never seen RiRi with an hour glass shape before….. Touch Up !!!

  • lala#1

    Snap into a Slim Jim!
    Oh my god! that was too damn funny. I have tears in my eyes!!! I now have the commercial stuck in my head!What a mess!

  • Snickers

    Rhi Rhi running shit all around the world and she ain’t claiming to a be a diva. LOL!!!!!

    She is the biggest female artist in the world!!!! Kanye did not lie!


    Hate it or love it, she’s on TOP!

  • Chi-town

    No Kanye is the biggest female artist in the world

  • WakeUPeople

    You can tell it is an old picture because her tattoos on her neck and hand are missing 🙂

  • NYC Gal

    Can’t wait to see her performance for the Pepsi Smash Superbowl concert! I will be watching!!

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Omg she looks way to toned like Ciara. I am glad this is old

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Your right Chi-town. That bitch Ye is too fem, and that is why he needs me.

  • Colonel StinkMeaner


    No Kanye is the biggest female artist in the world

  • Christilicious

    what’s her forhead’s zip code again???

  • http://bossip.com Johnsangel

    Her hair is very cute like this,i believe it’s an old pic though cause the last pic i saw of her she had that ugly,short hair doo,GROW IT BACK OUT! I love Rihanna tough one of my favs=)



    what’s her forhead’s zip code again???
    —————————————————–THE SAME AS TYRAS. MARS 658974102301-45R785. LOL

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