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“The Bronx Bombers” has a whole new meaning now…

Study Shows That The Bronx Has Highest Rate Of STDs In NYC

Via NYDailyNews

Here’s one neighborhood where you definitely shouldn’t have unprotected sex, share a needle or stand next to someone coughing.

The 10457 ZIP code in the Bronx — which includes Tremont, portions of Crotona, Belmont and Claremont — has the highest number of people afflicted by two of the following conditions: HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and tuberculosis, according to the Department of Health.

All seven diseases are epidemic in 10457, with infection rates for all conditions in the top 20% of cases citywide.

It’s not just a 10457 problem. In fact, the Bronx has the highest number of ZIP codes — 70% — where residents are in the top 20% for at least two diseases.

In Manhattan, 45% of ZIP codes have two-disease rates in the top 20%, compared to 25% of Queens ZIPs and 22% in Brooklyn.

“It’s very disturbing, especially for our community,” Tom Murray, director of community affairs for St. Barnabas Hospital and the chairman of Community Board 6’s Health and Human Services Committee.

“The teenagers are engaging in very risky behavior. They think AIDS is a thing of the past.”

What is it about the B-X that is contributing to sick meat sticks and poisonous boxes???

The ZIP code’s high poverty rate contributes to the disproportionate number battling two or more serious diseases. Roughly 70,000 people live in the 10457 ZIP code and the median household income is $24,537. Some 43% of Tremont/Crotona residents live below the poverty line compared a poverty rate of 21% citywide.

“While this is a disappointment, it’s not a surprise,” said Community Board 6 District Manager Ivine Galarza.

Residents blamed officials.

“I’m afraid,” said Yolanda Smith, 32, said. “The government needs to do something about it.”

Juan Santos, 63, a disabled veteran, called for more activities and education for young people.

“The main problem with venereal disease is a lack of information,” he said. “We have a lot of billboards about cigarettes and beer. Why are there no billboards about AIDS?”

Yeah, all that SOUNDS good, but who the hell needs a billboard to know that they should wear a cotdamn condom?!

Parents, raise your children.

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