Governor Paterson is a Liar???

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People are calling Gov. Paterson a liar for the smear job he did on the Kennedys back in the day:

Gov. Paterson yesterday insisted he had no idea who did the slime job on Caroline Kennedy – although the source of the information is about as close to him during the day as his wife is at night.

He’s a liar.

The person responsible for the smear……was an individual whose identity is well known to the press, whose full-time job is to do the governor’s bidding, and who is intelligent enough not to call reporters to damage Kennedy’s reputation without approval from the top – and that means Paterson. Kennedy was “mired in some potentially embarrassing personal issues,” the source told reporters Friday. “She has a tax problem that came up in the vetting and a potential nanny issue. And reporters are starting to look at her marriage more closely. “The governor had no intention of picking her because of the botched rollout executed in recent weeks,” the source continued. And Paterson doesn’t know who said this? “I would love to know who is responsible, but at this point, I’ve been unable to determine that,” Paterson insisted yesterday, while maintaining a straight face. “Obviously, if I ever found that that was the case, I would,” he said, when asked if he’d discipline an aide who was responsible. No word on when the State Police will arrive to administer polygraph tests to the staff.

I’m denying it,” Paterson insisted at another point.




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  • Politically Inclined

    I’m so dissappointed! I actually liked Ms Kennedy as a contender for the seat. I hope Gov. Patterson isn’t going to turn out as corrupt as his predecesor…

  • Colonel StinkMeaner

    Oh…….wow……………a lying politician……what a surpsrise…….i would have never guessed it….I…can’t….be…lieve….ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz……ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

  • Toxicity/ Industry Insider

    It was shady, but she knew that she wasn’t going to get it. NY is Clinton terroritory (despite being from the midwest). Kennedy has Massachusetts. This is Old white money and Power from waaaay back. And Patterson is the sambo n**** that boths sides are palying to a tee!!!!

  • P

    problems in the vetting are problems in the vetting. she wasn’t a good candidate anyway.

  • mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    damn some white folks nose really do look like that! LOL!!!

  • james

    So blind people lie too?

  • city

    lol @ the pinochio nose.

  • memchee

    I don’t think she should have gotten it just because she all of a sudden wanted to be senator.

    However, her resume more impressive than most elected to public service. She does a lot of charity work and has even fought for 1st amendment legislation (something about not having to be stripped search for a simple traffic violation)

    Caroline, just needs to run and win an election the old fashion way, just to root out all the nonsense and let voters know who she is.

  • Marshabio

    Is that ALL they’ve got on her?

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