9 Women Who [Allegedly] Cheated On Their Rapper Boyfriends

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Women Who Cheated On Rappers

Men stay getting their hearts broken by these vicious ladies don’t they? We see dirty dogs left and right but it’s time to shed the light on the dirty dames. Sure, rappers are notorious for their trickish ways, but they get played by women from time to time too.

So let’s take a look at nine women accused of cheating on their rap boos.

Tammy Torres – Lil Wayne insinuated that Tammy cheated on him on his “6’7″” song. Poor Weezy.

Amber Rose – Yeezy said she was running off with some “local dude” while they were together but Amber denies it.

Erykah Badu – Common said in his book that he called her and her new man was in the background. Ouch.

Tahiry – Joe Budden said after they broke up that Tahiry was cheating on him. Maybe he could write a song about it.

Kim Mathers – Eminem cracked a gun over some guys’ head because he allegedly caught her cheating.

Coco – She got caught red-handed. And yes, Ice T counts as a rapper.

Faith Evans – She allegedly cheated on Biggie with his worst enemy. Sigh.

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    Carmen – Nas’ baby momma was notorious for allegedly stepping out on him with Jay. Cold world.

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