Trust Issues: 8 Celebrities Who Hired Private Investigators On Their Boos

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Celebrities Who Had To Use Private Investigators

When we can’t trust someone, we go through their phones and purses and emails. When celebrities can’t trust someone, they hire private investigators to pry into their personal lives. They get hired to find affairs or dirt on enemies and loved ones alike. You’d be surprised how many celebrities use them. So without further ado, here are eight celebrities who have used Private Eyes.

Tim Duncan – He had to hire a private eye to catch his dirty dame cheating on him. And she isn’t even that cute.

Shaunie O’Neal – She teamed up with Shaq’s mistress to hire a private I to catch him cheating. Wow.

Juanita Jordan – She hired a private investigator to catch MJ in his dirty dog ways. She could have saved her money, though.

Britney Spears – She had people spy on K Fed because she didn’t want him stepping out.

Maria Shriver – She hired an investigator to catch Arnold and his begotten son.

Michael Jackson – He hired an investigator to go after the family that accused him of molestation back in 1993.

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    The Clintons – They hired an investigator to go after Gennifer Flowers when she accused Bill of having an affair with her.

    Vanessa Bryant – She hired a private investigator and claimed Kobe slept with 150 women.

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