Ho Sit Down: Ted Nugent Says Obama Wants To “Rape” The Constitution and “Urinate” On The Founders

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Ted Nugent is a few fries short of a happy meal.

Ted Nugent Says Obama Wants To Rape The Constitution

According to Raw Story

In typically bombastic language, National Rifle Association chairman Ted Nugent claimed Thursday that President Barack Obama’s agenda involves raping the U.S. Constitution and urinating on the nation’s Founding Fathers by passing gun regulations that restrict the sale of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

“Clearly their agenda is banning guns, not banning criminals or saving lives,” he wrote for conservative conspiracy website World Net Daily, couching his thesis in the tale of a murderer who was released from prison and went on to kill again. “And their morally bankrupt agenda is wrong, anti-American and counterproductive. Their agenda will achieve nothing except to rape our Constitution and urinate on the vision of our Founding Fathers.”

It’s not clear how the proposed regulations pose such an affront to the constitution — the Second Amendment explicitly says it provides for states to maintain a “well regulated militia” — but Nugent was adamant that if individuals do not have unlimited access to deadly weapons, freedom will surely die.

That’s a typical screed for the Detroit-born rocker, whose modern fame is more due to his alarming commentaries on guns in America than his music. Nugent came face to face with Secret Service agents last April when he claimed that he’d be “dead or in jail” within a year if Obama won a second term. He’s not been jailed just yet, but did claim in January that he and some buddies are ready to launch an armed revolt against the government.

Despite Nugent’s absolutist views on gun rights, his brother Jeffrey explained in May that he believes the nation will move forward with gun regulations “with or without” the NRA. “Let’s see if the NRA and its new leaders step up and do what is right,” he wrote. “If not, it will get done without them. We all have a role here, especially to protect our children. Who is going to be the voice for them?”

Somebody needs to give grandpa his medicine.

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