Kimmy Cakes Goes On Angry Bird Twitter Rant Against Thirsty Paparazzi – “How Dare They Threaten My Unborn Child…This Is Out Of Control!”

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Kim Kardashian Lashes Out At Paparazzi For Threatening Her Life

Once upon a time, former attention-sloring reality star Kim Kardashian lived for the flash of the cameras and the chance to have her face plastered all over every magazine, newspaper and blog.

But now, as she’s about to venture in to the wonderful world of mommy-banger hood, Kimmy Cakes says she’s finally had enough of the paparazzi and the outlandish lengths they’ll go to to get a picture of her like she asked them to.

Kim recently lashed out at her camera-flashing frenemies in a lengthy Twitter rant after they flipped out when she denied them the chance to snap photos:

Hit the flip to peep the rest of Kim’s rant where she responds in detail to the stream of criticism she’s faced as a result of unflattering paparazzi pics during her pregnancy and begs for a break from the limelight flash…

Yeezy’s boo-thang continued her rant, saying that she’d like to spend this last month of her pregnancy in peace and blasting the paps for thirsting for even more pics when she already lives her life in the public eye:

So, obviously, what Kim is saying here makes sense and is probably what any pregnant celebrity would feel if they were hounded as much as she was while knocked up. But we also remember a time, even up until very recently, when she used to summon the paps to make sure she stayed in the spotlight…..oh what a tangled web.

What’s your take on this Bossip fam?

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