That Awkward Moment When: Basketball Legend Dick Vitale Tweets Eva Longoria To Tell Her How Her Dirty Dog Ex Tony Parker Is “Awesome”

- By Bossip Staff

Gotta love the pure comedy that comes from social networks

Last night the San Antonio Spurs defeated the shady Miami Heat 92-88 in game 1 of the NBA finals. During the game, life-long Spurs fan and ex-wife of star point guard Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, sent out a tweet cheering her TEAM on. Not, TONY, just the team.

Anyone that knows anything about basketball knows that announcer/analyst Dick Vitale is a nice guy, but he’s very passionate about hoops and has a tendency to be over-the-top in his display of love for the game.

This was one of those moments…

Perhaps no one pulled Dickie V’s coat, but Eva and Tony’s marriage didn’t exactly end amicably. Despite being a Spurs fan, the LAST thing she probably wanted to read on her timeline was Tony Parker praise.

Sometimes you just shouldn’t press “send”.

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