Not-So-Blind Item: Guess Which Swirlin’ And Singin’ R&B Artist Is Back On That Blow?

- By Bossip Staff
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Disclaimer: Any photos used associated with blind items are purely for example and not necessarily the person who is being discussed. Drugs are bad m’kay? This one is a doozy.

Via Mouth To Ears:

The singer keeps promising his wife he will change ……

The singer has a hit song on the radio after he quit his parody sitcom due to what he felt was disrespect. But now that it is over and his music is taking off what is going on with his new found “high.”…

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His wife is telling friends he can not take success because he goes searching for those white lines. After having the couple’s son the wife has been searching for her next blockbuster. But it is hard to search while trying to babysit your husband and keep him on the straight and narrow.

How about — it’s hard to search while you’re just as high as your husband. SMH! Let’s not pretend she comes across as the Epitome of Sober Living!

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