*Exclusive* Kelly Rowland Fires Manager Mathew Knowles, Relationship with Beyonce Said To Be “Strained”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

A highly placed source in Kelly Rowland’s camp exclusively tells Bossip she fired manager Mathew Knowles yesterday. The well positioned source tells Bossip a big argument went down and at the end, Kelly kicked her “Dad” to the curb. The source goes on to say this is sure to put a strain on Kelly and Beyonce’s relationship.

We are pretty sure this has something to do with the Knowles clan trying to sabotage Kelly’s career for years. Beyonce is almost the only one left from Destiny’s Child, imagine that.

You heard it heard it here first.

Was he paying too much attention to Beyonce or does he deserve more loyalty?

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  • J.A.

    I dont believe it!

  • J.A.

    ^yeah 1st

  • http://bossip Where are the Men

    I know Kelly is Happy

  • like it or not

    It’s a little too late for all that showing off! she doesn’t have it factor! sorry

  • YoungFlyFlashy

    I do. He clearly wasn’t paying her any attention, judging from her album sales. Although I am somewhat of a fan, let’s be real

  • Somer

    It doesn’ matter cause her vocal skills are very limited.

  • whoot

    it’s about dayum time!!! Maybe now she can blow up in the states….but i doubt it. 😦

  • http://bossip Where are the Men

    Damn I thought Kelly was family Solange flopped to will she be getting fired

  • Pisces Princess

    WOW she needs 2 now maybe she can get the clout she needs!!

  • Pisces Princess

    Isn’t he her real daddy?

  • http://www.stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    It’s about time. He will never give her the time and energy he devotes to Beyonce. I’m sure this has been a painful realization she’s come to. I hope she succeeds in whatever she chooses to do and if it is done well, I will make a POINT to support her.

  • Pisces Princess

    @ Somer she can sing!

  • Shana

    Dang! She fired her daddy????? I don’t believe it

  • Bestlife

    If it is true I’d fire him too if the only work he got me was a Sketcher ad and a magazine layout over the last year (I may be exaggerating but if all things being equal i.e talent, beauty, abilities…why hasn’t she had more exposure?)

  • laylah

    lol bout damn time

  • always knew

    About time, maybe now she will have a chance at a career…Not hatin on Beyonce, but clearly *Dad* was only concerned about Solange and Beyonce…Good for her ,finally sticking up for herself…

  • shar

    She cannot compete with Beyonce, but she could find her (lucrative)niche. Beyonce is number in the Knowles empire. This is business, she has to earn a living.

  • Soul Touch

    Regardless of whether it’s true or not, Kelly needs to take hold of her career. And if leaving is what she needs to do, then she needs to do it…and good for her.

    Kelly is a beautiful woman and she could be so much more. If moving to England will get her there, then good…if that’s where you market better, then that’s where you need to be. Because Beyonce has such a strong presence on stage, she was hard to ignore…leaving Kelly in the shadows. It’s time for her to be seen as Kelly…not the other girl in Destiny’s Child.

    I don’t think the relationship between her and Beyonce will be affected, because they seem to have a strong bond. Hopefully they will continue to support each other.

    If it’s true, I think it’s a good move.

  • you already know

    He was paying to much to Beyacki. Kelly has been held back for to long. She should have been up there with Hoeyance and she isn’t and Matthew has alot to do with it. Go KELLY LOVE YOU.

    Kellya and Letoya my favorites

  • KK

    Kelly is a good singer, but whoever was working with her on her last two albums should be fired because they were not marketed in the right way. She just needs to find her a management team that is focused on her career and abilities, and can give her a chance to be their number 1 client.


  • ChocolateBeauty

    Its about time. Its sooooo obvious that Mr. Knowles is a hater on Kelly and her solo music career. I say, more power to my fellow chocoloate sister. I wonder if her and Beu fell out cause I never see them hanging together sent DC called it quits. I mean, you see Kelly and Michelle but never Kelly and B……. something to ponder

  • http://bossip Where are the Men

    Kelly should sign with Clive davis

  • http://bossip Where are the Men

    Kelly is beautiful and she can sing this all comes down to skin color if beyonce was a dark as Kelly their wouldn’t be a Beyonce thats the Business

  • High Life

    What does this have to do with skin color? Either you can sing or you can’t. Not a Beyonce fan at all, but she has a better voice than Kelly not to mention a bigger fan base. So the smart thing to do would be to promote the one who will bring you the most money.

  • Treasure

    I don’t think Matthew is to blame for her poor record sales. Beyonce was the main focus and talent of destiny child. The supreme’s didn’t go far without Diana Ross. That’s just how the business goes.

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