Angry Bird Beef: Nate Dogg’s Baby Mamas Come To Legal Blows Over Trying to Get More Of That Child Support Scrilla

- By Bossip Staff

These baby mamas are some thirsty hoes.

Both of ya’ll are some desert thirsty hoes (shout out to Ri Ri) because you let a subpar rapper/singer bust a nut into your kitty kat and now ya’ll fighting over ninja pennies. Fawk outta here.

Nate Dogg’s Baby Mamas Fight Over Child Support

According to TMZ

Two of Nate Dogg’s baby mamas are trading legal blows over child support payments … with one trying to block the other’s attempt to get more money from his estate … TMZ has learned.

According to docs filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Rhoda Mouton is asking a judge to deny Omena Norris’ request for an increase in support for the child she had with Nate back in 2006. In the docs, Mouton (who has a teenaged son with Nate) claims Norris lied in her filing when she said her son received no Social Security payments from Nate’s estate … arguing that Norris and her son receive $694/month.

Mouton claims since Norris lied about that — and since she never adequately states why she needs her support bumped up to $1,846/month (from $1,624) — the judge should toss the request out entirely until Norris can file a new (and correct) request. Mouton even takes it a step further, and says the judge should cut Norris’ support all the way down to $802/month. A judge has yet to rule.

Fellas please think twice before you shoot a woman’s club up. These dusty beyotches fighting over $694 a month. Times are hard. We just hope for their kids’ sake they don’t start sucking peen or turning tricks on the corner.

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